How To Get Into Law School In The US 2023

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to get into law school in the US.

Do you plan to study law in a US law school? Are you wondering how to go about it? The requirements, the best law schools, the easy ones, the tuitions? You will be shown all these in this piece. All these questions will be well answered.

Law is considered as one of the oldest academic field of study ever across the world.

In a law school, students obtain professional educational qualification in law. This is after the student has already obtained an undergraduate degree.

To practice law in the United States, individual must have obtained a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in a law school. It is the degree which allows for law practice in the US and it is issued by law schools to students who has concluded all the study requirements. Most law practitioners has the J. D as their final degree. J.D takes about 3 years to complete if study program is full time, but for part time, it normally takes 4 years.


Apart from J.D, there are other degrees awarded by law schools.

Different Law Degrees In USA

Here we look into the different law degrees awarded by law schools.

  • Juris Doctor (J.D)

It is the most popular law degree and the one possessed by most individual lawyers in the United States.  It is issued by the American Bar Association approved schools.

  • Masters of Law LLM

The Masters of law degree is for students that already holds a law degree. It can be taken on a part time or full time basis. If taken part time, it normally takes 2 years to complete, while it takes 1 year for full time.

The program may have more than one curriculum, depending on students chosen specialization area. International law, United States Legal system, comparative law, American law and so on are some of the areas the student may choose from. The program does not require LSAT (Law School Admission Test) for admission.

  • Doctors of Judicial Science (SJD)

SJD is acknowledged as the highest level of law degree. It is a doctoral degree available for individuals who desires advancing their legal education after they have already earned a LLM or JD.  The program runs for 2 years.

The program is more about participation legal researches with law professors and seminars than offering typical legal courses.

It is meant for law professors, scholars, scientists, and academicians. Its admissions policy is not an easy but to crack. It is a strict process.

  • Master of Dispute resolution (MDR)

Master of Dispute resolution degree is for individuals that desire to work with organizations where they can provide needed negotiation skills and resolution required in dealing with a difficult situation.

It is a one year program with course including; arbitration, mediation, conflict management, dispute resolution, and so on. To be admitted for this program, requirements may include but not limited to; a bachelor’s degree, personal statement and Resume.

  • Master of Legal Studies (MLS)

The master of legal studies is a law school program made available for individual who desire knowledge of law but not for legal practice purpose, that is it is for individuals who do not desire to become practice lawyers but want to have a good knowledge of the law.

It is a very suitable program for those who work in law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, human resources, and so on. Courses offered in the program may include regulatory compliance, negotiation theory and administrative law. Normally MLS takes between sixteen to twenty-eight months

Apart from the above listed, some law schools also offered joint degrees. Below are examples of the joint degrees offered by some law schools;

  • Juris Doctor and Masters in Urban Planning (JD/MUP)
  • Juris Doctor and Masters in Business Administration (JD/MBA)
  • Juris Doctor and Masters in Public Health (JD/MPH)
  • Juris Doctor and Masters in Public Policy (JD/MPP)

Requirements For Admission Into Law Schools In The US

So what are the qualifications expected of you to meet if you want to apply for admission into a law school in the US? Here we have them below:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree

You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree. There are no prerequisite courses for law school, so any type of bachelor’s degree is normally welcomed.


The courses don’t matter. What matters is a high GPA. GPA required by law schools vary one from another, therefore, it is important you make sure to meet up with your target law school required GPA.

  • Take and Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

LSAT average cost is around $500, and it is compulsory you take this for your law school admission process. The score you got here is important in determining your admissions success or otherwise.

  • Official Transcript Requests

Transcripts from all graduate, certificate and undergraduate programs needs to be gathered before you apply to law school. It is a process that may take several days, therefore, it is advisable you start well ahead of application time.

  • Personal Statement

You will need to write a personal statement. Contents may include but not limited to your academic achievements, career goals, vision, and all others information you consider relevant. It is in the personal statement that you get to reveal your personality to the admission committee.

  • Recommendation Letter

Generally, law schools require one letter of recommendation, but however, you may just want to add more. The letters can be gotten from a former employer who could voice for your ability or your undergraduate professor who you worked with the most. It will be a good advantage if you meet with them ahead of their writing the letter to discuss about tips you would like to have in the letter.


Law Schools In The US Tuition

The top 5 law schools in the US with the most expensive tuition are;

Columbia University – $69,916, New York University – $66,420, University of Pennsylvania – $65,804, Cornell University – $65,541, and Harvard University – $64,958.

The 5 most affordable law schools in the US currently are;

University of Arkansas – $13,109, University of Mississippi – $26,581, University of Georgia – $26,649, University of Alabama – $32,740, and University of Montana – $22,807.

Overall, the average cost for a public law school in the US is $42,143.


If you are planning for admission into law school, you may use these figures in getting your cost calculations for the program in shape

Do Law Schools In The US Take International Students?

Yes. They do, as long as the applicants meet all the needed requirements and has all the needed residency and travelling paperwork sorted.


These are the answers to your questions about how you can gain admission to law school in the US. Go ahead and form a good plan, and please share this piece while you are at it.

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