How To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business In 7 Easy Ways

In this guide, I will be showing you how to get clients for a cleaning business.

Your company’s main objective is presumably to attract new clients that need commercial cleaning services.

It may be incredibly difficult to run a cleaning service, especially when hunting for commercial clientele. Getting your first customers requires a major first effort surge.

The firm may, however, run on autopilot for a good while after you’ve had a few satisfied clients. Your customers won’t have any reason to choose a rival as long as you offer top-notch service at an affordable price.

When caring for children, pets, and their everyday activities, it can be challenging for even homemakers to keep their homes clutter-free at all times. Without a doubt, you’ll have a significant impact on the lives of residential property owners by providing cleaning services to people who most need them.


Attracting Quality Clients For Your Cleaning Business

It is good to get clients for your cleaning business as we all know. Interestingly, getting clients might be easier than getting quality customers as it will take qualitative and smart work to reach them and also convince them that you are the right person for their Job.

However, we have gone the extra mile to provide you with basic tips on how to get those clients for your business below.

  1. Know Your Ideal Customers

Knowing your target client is the first step to acquiring new clients for commercial cleaning. You won’t get the greatest results by just showing up at several businesses at random and requesting to be hired.

Someone who regularly attends is a useful customer. You have a potential client right there if you see any recurrent trends in the services.

Providing customized solutions is a good way to determine who your cleaning clientele are.


Look up each company’s number of employees if you are targeting commercial enterprises, then decide which ones you might be able to assist. The size of the workspace may be estimated using numbers.

People are more interested in the advantages they will experience as a result of using your service than in how excellent your firm is or in how long it has been in operation. Although such items are crucial, you must arrange them so that your consumer benefits.

  1. Connect With Key Professionals

A cleaning service is required by almost any business with more than a few employees.

You should get in touch with any company you believe would be interested in your services and let them know how much you would enjoy cleaning their workplace. No worries if they choose a cleaning provider that they are happy with. They should get in touch with you if they ever need a new cleaning firm. Thank them for their time.

  1. Door-To-Door Approach

There is still much to be said for going door to door and selling yourself the old-fashioned manner, even if most client acquisition advice you’ll read online is around digital marketing.


If you don’t know how to build up a website or manage social media accounts and you don’t have the money to hire someone to do it for you, you could get some clients by driving about town and inquiring if any houses or businesses need cleaning services.

You’ll make a more lasting impact by knocking on doors and speaking with local business owners one-on-one than you ever could on a website.

  1. Impress First Then Ask For Referrals

First of all, by asking for recommendations from your present cleaning clients, you may easily attract new cleaning clients if you can wow them with your services. Feel free to start a discussion with a customer after serving them. Asking for referrals is perfectly acceptable, especially if a client knows an individual who would benefit from your skills in the same way that they do.

In the digital era, there is a right way to thank your clients for referring your new business and how to acquire recommendations. Businesses frequently feature a reference area on their websites where they provide discounts and vouchers in exchange for customer referrals.

  1. Make Research About Your Clients

Doing some advanced research on a potential customer is the first thing you should do before contacting them. When pursuing new cleaning clients, one of the main reasons you’ll come seem as desperate or needy is because you’ll only be discussing the benefits of your company.


Concentrate on the time and money savings that your cleaning company can provide for them. The individuals who are in charge of hiring a cleaning service will often be most affected by those issues because they are frequently the largest worries for the managing of any firm.

Additionally, you may choose who you need to contact within the company by collecting information on your list of possible clients.

  1. Network Like A Bad-Ass

You may develop ties with others by participating in a variety of networking events regularly. Inform business owners about your capabilities without hesitation. To begin with, you must confirm if they already own a cleaning business or division that manages their contracts. As a result, you’ll have time to consider your options.

A wonderful way to network is through ambassadors, who are frequently extremely involved in the community.

  1. Give Discounts And Extra Services At Zero Cost

If a new good or service is excessively expensive or takes too long, people will often decide against trying it out. To draw in cleaning customers, periodically offering a coupon or discount is a great idea.


A few “extra” services are something that everyone enjoys. For many years, a popular marketing tactic has been to provide additional services. The customer’s psychological reaction is primarily to blame. Making tantalizing incentive offers is therefore crucial.

Many businesses give their initial service at a discount. A similar strategy may be used in your company. Another suggestion is to provide vouchers and discounts for additional cleaning service appointments.

Final Words On How To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business

Larger cleaning companies may find that they are overwhelmed with work to manage on their own or that they have a new customer outside of their typical service region, in which case they will try to subcontract that project to another cleaning company.

By using the seven procedures listed above, you may significantly influence the expansion of your cleaning business.


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