How To Get AWS Machine Learning Certification & Start Working In USA, Canada Or UK 2023

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to get AWS Machine Learning certification to boost your chances of getting a high-paying job in USA, Canada or UK.

To begin, AWS means Amazon Web Services. It is a subsidiary if the giant eCommerce company, Amazon, and it specializes in the provision of on demand cloud computing APIs and platforms for companies, government individuals, and so on.

These services are provided on a metered lay as you go basis. Breaking it down further, AWS provides products and services such as email, remote computing, storage, networking, security, content delivery, mobile development and so on.

AWS was launched in July 2002, while its cloud computing services was launched in March 2006. The company’s revenue in 2021 is at 62billion while operating income stands at around 13.5billion.

What is AWS Machine Learning?

AWS Machine learning is a web service product made available by amazon. The product allows developers to discover through algorithms, patterns in end user data. This enables the developed to construct mathematical models based on the discovered patterns and through that create and implement, predictive apps.


With AWS Machine Learning, companies can improve their applications effectiveness and profitability.

Some of the individuals who the AWS ML certification is most suitable for are; Business Decision Makers, people with interest in Data Science, individuals attempting to build a career in Machine Learning, Developers and so on

Benefits of AWS Machine Learning Certification

What benefit(s) does AWS machine learning certification offer(s)? Is it a program worth launching into or it is just another time wasting, resources consuming program that does not yield worthwhile result? We are about to find, as we see the benefits of AWS Machine Learning Certification below;

  • AWS Machine Learning Certification gets you a Job: with an AWS Machine learning certification in tour hands, there are a lot of open doors of job opportunities for you, especially in projects that are AWS related.
  • It gives you validation and Credibility: This is another benefit of the AWS Machine Learning Certification. A Certification in a field is a proof of a certain mastery level attained in that field, and there is no predicting what great opportunity this might make available for an individual.
  • Your Skill and Knowledge Levels are improved: The AWS certification is not something you just walk into anyhow, and neither can it be counted as one of the easy certifications. It requires hard work and diligence to obtain. In the course of pursing this certification, your skills and knowledge level are sure to be greatly enhanced.
  • Fetches you big benefits: Being an AWS certification holder grants you exclusive benefits such as market support, AWS usage credit and training subsidies.
  • Global Popularity and Recognition: With an AWS certification, you have a global recognition and popularity for your levels of capabilities, experience and information.
  • Makes your Resume Quite Attractive: An employer sighting AWS Machine Learning Certification in your CV will surely be attracted to it. It is a Certification that makes your CV stands out among the crowd, as the efforts and workload it takes to achieve the certification is known everywhere to be no child’s play
  • Fetches you a fat pay package: finally, AWS Machine Learning Certification fetches you a good pay package. This is because this certification is recognized and listed as one of the top paying certifications available accords the globe

About AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam

The AWS exam takes about 180 minutes to complete. It is available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. There are approximately 64 questions in the exam, and the minimum passing score is 750 out of 1000. The exam can be scheduled by going to the official website.

The AWS ML exam can be rescheduled without incurring extra charges. Just that the reschedule should take place not later than 24 hours before the exam appointment. You can attempt it as many time as you can till you finally pass the exam. Just that for every try, you have to pay fresh registration fees. AWS Machine Learning Specialty exam result arrive within five working days.


AWS Examination Domains

AWS Machine Learning Special Exam focuses on 4 knowledge areas/domains. They are;

  • Data Engineering

Data engineering takes 20% of the AWS Machine Learning Specialty domain. Main services in the data engineering domain includes; storage database (DynamoDB, S3, RDS), AWS streaming tools (kinetic data streams, kinesis firehose kinesis analytics,) and AWS analytics stack (Glue, Athena).

Even if you do not understand most of these tools to the tiniest details, it is important to know what they do and when they are to be used.

  • Modelling

Modelling domain covers 36% of the AWS Machine Learning examination. It focuses on AWS signature fully managed Machine Learning service known as SageMaker. Major parts of these domain segment includes; optimization techniques, model metrics (specificity, F1, sensitivity, accuracy, recall), model tuning concepts (learning rates, gradient descent, dropout, regularization), and Sagemaker algorithms.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis is 24% of the AWS ML exam domain. Areas it covers includes; one hot encoding, normalization, and handling missing values. It is a segment about feature engineering and cleaning data, so it is not specific to the AWS.

  • Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

ML implementation and operations takes 20% of the AWS ML examination. The segment focuses on ML solutions such as; scalability, Basic AWS security, fault tolerance, resiliency, performance and so on.

These are the 4 domains of the AWS ML examination.

How Do I Get An AWS Machine Learning Certification?

To get the AWS ML certification, you need to pass the exam. As for the qualifications required for taking the exam, here are a few recommendations;

  • Must possess an experience which spans between 1 to 2 years at least in running ML workloads, or deep learning workloads on the Amazon Web Service cloud, and developing architecture.
  • Possess ability to understand and express the intuition behind basic algorithms
  • Experience with Machine Learning and deep learning frameworks
  • Operational best practices and deployment following ability
  • Need to have model training best practices following ability
  • Basic hyperparameter performance optimization experience

Note that the exam is still do-able even without having the recommended number of experience years. Just that the odds may be much stacked against you with that.

How Much Is The AWS Machine Learning Specialty Examination?

Apart from additional prices that may come up, the AWS Machine Learning Exam cost $300.



These is the sum of all you need to know about the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification, its benefits and how to go about its acquisition. With this piece, it is sure you have put some ignorance in custody as far as AWS ML is concerned. How about sharing this piece now so others can do the same?

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