How To Deposit Check For Minor – Easiest Methods

Want to deposit check for a minor and wondering how to go about it? This page explains how to deposit check for minor in USA. Read on!

So your kid’s good grandpa threw your unemployed, unbanked son a $70 check on his birthday, and now it’s becoming a hell of a headache depositing the check?

Here you will get all you need to know to do it successfully. Plus, you will have tons of other information on check deposit transactions that will make the process easy and convenient for you anytime. Let’s get on the journey, shall we?

Making a deposit to a bank means putting some money or thing in the bank for safe keeping. Deposits can refer to valuables helps for you by the financial institution or money kept in your account with them.

There are different ways, methods and means of deposit. Since this piece is about a part of check deposit, that is want we are going to be focusing on majorly.


Check Deposits

Checks Deposits is one of the most popular deposited means available. Checks can be deposited via various depositing methods, and below we will take a look at the means and methods of depositing a check successfully.

Check Deposit Methods

  • Check Deposit at Bank

Before moving on with the check deposit process, be very sure of the checks validity. Names, address, date of issue, amount, and signature and so on must all be in the right shape. “All the T’s must be well crossed and all the Is’ well dotted”.

To deposit check at bank, you need apart from the check, a valid personal ID and your account number. Fill out the deposit slips appropriately and make sure you endorse your check. This can be done by putting your signature on one of the gray lines at the back of the check.

You can proceed to ask the teller to get the check deposited after this. You can also get your current balance and proof of deposit. This is important.

  • Check Deposit with ATM

If you plan to deposit check via ATM, it is advisable that you visit your own banks ATM for the transaction. This is because the ATMs of most banks usually accept deposit from the banks’ customers only.


Make sure the check to be deposited is valid and endorsed. Swipe your card and login by entering your pin. Select deposit and then the account into which the check deposit is to be made.  Select “check” and then insert the check into the machine.

The machine will give you direction on the correct way to insert the check. After you have inserted the Check, the machine will scan it, prompt you to confirm the information you have provided and that completes the process. The machine will provide you with a receipt of your current balance.

  • Check Deposit via Mail

Get the right mailing address from your bank. You may contact the customer support of the bank for that. Endorse the check, fill out the deposit slip and you may also need to include a photocopy of your picture ID if the bank requires it. Put all together and mail it to the right address provided.

  • Check Deposit via a Mobile App

You can deposit a check through this means if your bank have a mobile deposit service on its app. Just follow the rules laid down by your bank for check endorsement when endorsing your check. Then open the app, go to deposits and follow the prompts appropriately.

The process normally involve taking a photo of the front and back of your check. Follow the promptings and get the funds into your desired savings or checking account. You should get an email or text at the end of the process confirming that the check has been deposited.


After this, void the check by writing processed or void on the back, but don’t throw it away yet! Who knows, you never can say, something might come up, so it is advisable you keep it for 2 months at least.

  • Check Deposit to a Credit Union

This method is more or less like depositing in a bank. You take the check and your account number to the credit union and fill out the needed details in a deposit slip. Make sure the check is endorsed. Be sure you don’t need a special deposit slip in case you are processing the transaction at a credit union that is not yours. You can deposit the check into your savings or checking account and even get a receipt of your current balance when you are leaving.

  • Online Check Deposit

Some banks, especially national banks offer these service. The process here is similar to the mobile app check deposit process. Juts that here you will carry out the deposit on the banks website, and you will scan the check instead of just taking pictures of it like in the mobile app check deposit.

These are some of the check deposit means and methods available.

How to Deposit Check for Minor

So here we come to answering the main question in this piece, how do I deposit check for a minor?


Endorse the check on the child’s behalf and deposit it into your own account. It can also be deposited into the child’s account if he or she has an account already.

However, requirements concerning the process of endorsement of checks for minors may vary slightly from bank to bank. You may need to contact your bank to get instructions on how to do this right.

However, here is a common way the process of check deposit for minors usually go:

  • Put your child’s name on the back of the check, then a hyphen and then add the word “minor”.
  • Then sign your name under the minors name to complete the process. You may have to put “mother” “father” or guardian after signing your name, depending on your relationship with the minor and depending on your banks requirement.
  • You may also need to include additional info such as your account number.
  • Furthermore, if the minor is old enough to sign their own name on the check you may actually let the minor partake in the signature process by signing his name himself.
  • Alternatively, as earlier mentioned, you may open a bank account for the minor so that the present and future checks can be deposited there easily. They also get to learn and experience money management growing up. Another benefit.

Final Words

These are the process and method of depositing check for minors. Now you sure know how to do it. How about sharing this on social media so others can also know.

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