How To Deposit Check At ATM Wells Fargo

Are you searching online for how to deposit check at ATM Wells Fargo? This page features all you need to know about depositing checks at Wells Fargo ATMs. Read on.

ATMs are more available than bank branches, and are therefore preferred for various depositing and withdrawal transactions.

Apart from cash deposit, checks can also be deposited via ATMs, and this is the direction we are heading in this piece, with Wells Fargo ATM in focus.


Wells Fargo is an American Multinational company that was founded in 1852 as Northwest Bancorporation in Minneapolis, United States. The name later metamorphosed to Norwes Corporation in 1983, and then Wells Fargo in 1998.  Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

The company provides investment, banking and mortgage products and services.

Wells Fargo’s assets are worth $1.9 trillion and it has offices in 42 countries. As at 2021, Wells Fargo has 8,400 branches and 13,000 ATMs in its countries of operation all over the world. As at, 2020 Wells Fargo’s employees total 268,531, its net income is $3.30 billion, while its total equity is $185.9 billion. Wells Fargo’s subsidiaries include;

  • Wells Fargo Securities
  • Wells Fargo Rail
  • Grey hound Transport
  • Wells Fargo Advisor
  • Wells Fargo Bank

Are you a business owner seeking the convenience offered by online banking plus the good access to branch banking? Wells Fargo perfectly suit the bill. Statistics states that one out of every American household is a Wells Fargo customer.

Wells Fargo Products And Services

  • Savings Accounts

Products under the Wells Fargo Savings Account includes Way2Save Savings and Platinum Savings.

  • Checking Accounts

This includes, Everyday Checking, Clear access banking and Portfolio by Wells Fargo.

  • Credit Card Products

Products here includes’ Balance transfer cards, Travel Reward Cards, Cashback Credit Cards, and so on.

  • Loan Product offers.

They include but not limited to, Student loan, Personal loan, Auto, Mortgage, Private Wealth Management, IRA, and so on.

  • Wells Fargo Corporate Deposits

These accounts allows saving for short term goals and long term ones. There are two products here, and they are; Standard and Destination IRA.


The Destination IRA’s minimum deposit is $1,000. The offer has term lengths and interest rates with retirement in mind.

As for the Standard package, it has a $2,500 minimum deposit and it is a traditional fixed rate Corporate Deposit account.

Why Choose Wells Fargo?

For the benefits it offer of course. But what as those benefits?

  • privileged of banking with a Financial Institution that is well established
  • Checking account can be opened for as low as $25
  • Access to Credit cards, checking, savings, investment loans and mortgage in one place
  • wealth management advantage via Wells Fargo private bank
  • about 13,000 ATMs available at your service for free

These are some of the benefits which make Wells Fargo a worthwhile choice.

 Does Wells Fargo Accept ATM Check Deposit?

Well, it will be a shock if it does not actually. So the answer is a yes. Wells Fargo accepts ATM check deposit. Actually, checks can be deposited into any ATM anytime as long as the ATM accept checks. However, it may take about 2 business days access to the funds, depending on the amount in question.

What Checks Can I Deposit On ATM Wells Fargo?

About the types of Checks you can deposit on ATM Wells Fargo, any check that is payable in US dollars, drawn from any US based bank is fit for Wells Fargo ATMs deposit.


Business, personal, and many government checks aren’t left out, as long as they are endorsed by and payable to the holder of the account.

However, there are checks that are not eligible for mobile deposit. Such includes but not limited to remotely created checks, US Postal money orders, international checks, US savings bond, convenience checks, any non-machine readable check and so on

How Do I Deposit A Check At ATM Wells Fargo?

Here we come the the main question, the chief reason for the existence of this piece.


Like Cash deposits, check deposits are not difficult to do at ATMs. The same way cash is inserted if you are depositing cash through ATM is the same way checks are inserted if you are depositing check.

Your needed account information for the transaction will be obtained by the machine from the bank issued debit card that you are using.

After the check is endorsed at the back by appending your signature and inserted into the designated slot, the rest is the ATMs business. It scans the check and does the necessary process. It totals the deposit on the screen for you.


How Long It Takes For A Check Deposit At Wells Fargo To Be Available

Checks deposit at Wells Fargo are available the first business day after the day Wells Fargo receives your deposits. $400 of the check may actually be available on the same day if the check is deposited at a Wells Fargo ATM.

What Is The Maximum Check Amount I Can Deposit On A Wells Fargo ATM?

There is no limit to the amount that can be deposited through check at a Wells Fargo ATM. No matter the amount on the check, it is welcomed.

What About A Deposit Hold?

Good question, and quite important too. A deposit hold means the time which the bank holds the fund that you deposited through check. Sometimes it may be about 2 or more days depending in various factors.


Wells Fargo is not exempted from the Deposit holds process too. It is actually a helpful thing for you as a customer. You won’t be able to spend the money get, so you will not have to be making a refund in case the check you deposited is returned perhaps because the person that issued it does not have enough funds in his or her account to cover the check or found to be fraudulent.

Decisions to place a hold on checks at Wells Fargo are usually based on external information.

Wells Fargo will notify you either by teller, email, mail, or at the ATM if a hold is placed on your check deposit.


To know when your funds will be made available to you Wells Fargo, you can check the details on the receipt printed at the ATM point where the check deposit was made.

Final Words

This is all about how to make check deposits on ATM Wells Fargo and other needed relevant information about the process. Trust you had an enlightening and informative experience. Please share with others!

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