How To Check BVN Details Online

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to check BVN details online. Here, you learn all you need to know about checking your bank verification number online.

The Bank verification number is a unique 11-digital code and a peculiar identification to every account number in Nigeria in every Local Bank. The BVN is an extremely sensitive information that is not expected to be shared to any third-party. This unique identity is meant for personal consumption only due to the rate at which internet crimes are committed globally.

This article will show you in explicit and full details on how to check your Bank Verification 11-digit unique number. So, do well to read this article with ultimate attention to avoid being scammed online.

What You Need To Know About BVN Enrollment

  • A specific ID 11-digits shall be given to all Bank client at registration and connected to every account that the client has in all Nigerian financial institution. Costumers shall be mandated to put forward a bankable means of identity as official for registration.
  • Clients of financial institutions (banks) shall be obliged to enroll inside a determinate time period after which they will not be able to run their Bank accounts. Capturing of all 10 fingers and facial image will be done.
  • For validation aim, individuals carrying out banking transactions shall be mandated to identify themselves by the use their bio metric features which will be well-matched against data in the central database.
  • Modification of client’s details shall be done at their local bank branches in person. Banks are prompted during account opening and credit entry to check if a customer has been blacklisted by any Nigerian bank.
  • The unique ID features of a person will be used in simultaneously with a pin on transactions.

Why BVN Security Protocol?

The BVN protect customers, banks and the financial institutional system against theft of identities. One major aim of the project is to enhance fast tracking of each bank account number owner.

The system was brought into play by the central bank of Nigeria in alliance with the local banks since 14th February, 2014.


How To Check BVN Details Online

For BVN enrollment an individual has to visit a local bank branch to enroll him / herself. But when it comes to checking a Bank Verification Number, customers have no need to leave the comfort of their homes or offices as the case may be to check in their details.

However, bank account holders can easily navigate tom the NIBBS (Nigerian Inter-bank Settlement System) website portal to gain details of their BVN numbers.

Steps on how to register for BVN on NIBBS online portal

  1. Visit NIBBS BVN online enrollment portal site via
  2. Put in your Bank Verification Number in the first type space
  3. Type in your password in the other type space
  4. Finally click on “LOGIN”

Steps on how to check your BVN details online on NIBBS portal

BVN validation is possible on the NIBBS dedicated portal. Simply,

How Can I Check My BVN On Phone With USSD Code?

You can check your Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone and the good news is that, it doesn’t require a sophisticated mobile device to do this.

Please note that, you will be charged N20 each time you need to check (code is the same for all mobile network SIMs |MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE| in Nigeria and same net fee applies to all.)

  1. Simply dial *565*0# on your phone through the mobile number you used during the BVN registration.
  2. A command prompt will displayed immediately showing your BVN. Copy it and keep it safe!

Unfortunately your unique ID will not be sent in form of an SMS. Nevertheless, you can also walk into any bank branch to request for your BVN number by presenting the mobile number you used during the BVN enrollment.


Bank verification number (BVN) enrollment is mandatory for all Bank account owners by law and have their information captured by biometric to avoid being barred from using banking services to the maximum.

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