How To Borrow Airtime And Data From MTN

Hey there! Are you searching online on how to borrow airtime and data from MTN? You’ve come to the right place. This article features a step-by-step guide on how you can easily borrow airtime and data from MTN. Stay tuned!

MTN is one of the most popular network providers in Nigeria, as a matter of fact, it is Africa’s largest network operator with over 272 Million customers across different countries in the continent.

As a pioneer in change, the firm was founded in South Africa at the dawn of democracy in 1994. Since then, they’ve expanded their services to communities throughout Africa and the Middle East by investing in advanced communication infrastructure, inventing new technologies, and using the expertise of our varied workforce.

MTN, like any other business, prioritizes the needs of its clients, which includes making life easier for its customers by offering flexible services. This resulted in the introduction of borrowing airtime and data to be repaid later.

How to Borrow MTN Airtime

Are you stuck somewhere? And do you have an urgent call? Don’t be alarmed! We’ve got you covered. MTN now allows you to borrow airtime and pay it back at your leisure. To get started, dial *606# and select the “borrow airtime” option.


When you borrow airtime, your XtraTime is immediately applied to your account. However, there is a catch: borrowed airtime has a 15.36% interest rate.

In essence, if you borrow N100, your account with be credited with N84.64, this 15.36% interest rate includes VAT.

You can also borrow airtime using another technique. If you have a smartphone, simply download the MyMTN app from the Google Play or Apple Store, log in, and navigate to borrow airtime.

This method, however, requires an internet connection to function. The USSD approach, on the other hand, merely requires a decent network connection.

How to Borrow MTN Data

Borrowing data is comparable to borrowing airtime; however, there are two methods for borrowing data from MTN: the USSD technique and the Mobile App approach.


To use the USSD technique, call *606# and browse to borrow data, then pick the data you want to borrow. Your XtraByte will be immediately credited to your data balance. However, it is important to note that there is also a 15.36% interest rate on data borrowing (including VAT).

When you borrow data from MTN, you’ll have to pay back with airtime, that is, whenever you recharge airtime, your loan amount will be deducted immediately.

It is advisable for MTN users to use XtraTime airtime to buy data instead of borrowing data because XtraTime is cost-effective compared to XtraByte.

MTN Airtime and Data Eligibility

Only if you are eligible may you borrow airtime and data from MTN. You must:

  • Use prepaid services
  • Be in possession of a registered phone number.
  • Have more than three months of MTN network use.
  • Must have spent a minimum of N200 monthly for 3 months
  • Must repay outstanding debts early, in order to be able to borrow in the future


When you run out, you may borrow airtime and data from MTN. If you’d prefer not to borrow data directly, you may utilize the borrowed airtime to make calls or buy data bundles. A data bundle loan could be more expensive than purchasing data bundles with airtime loans.


An airtime value is associated with each data loan. If you borrow airtime and use it to buy data the normal way, you might be able to receive the bundle you are going to borrow for less money.

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