How to Borrow Airtime and Data From GLO

Hey there, searching online on how to borrow airtime and data from GLO? You’re at the right place. This article features a step-by-step guide on how you can easily borrow airtime and data from GLO. Stay tuned!

Globacom is one of the largest network operators in Nigeria. The telecommunication company was founded in 2003 by Mike Adenuga. Just like every other business, the company put the needs of its customers first.

Globacom introduced “Borrow Me Credit” in 2014, a cutting-edge service that allows prepaid customers to obtain airtime in advance when they run out of airtime in an emergency or when airtime sellers are hard to access, as part of its continued efforts to enhance value for its subscribers.

With the new service, Glo network prepaid users may seek airtime in various denominations in an emergency by sending a USSD code that is allotted for that purpose, depending on their network profile. The five fundamental amounts are N50, N100, N200, N500, and N1000.

According to Globacom’s marketing coordinator, Adeniyi Olukoya, “BORROW ME CREDIT” is a first for the nation. It demonstrates how confident Glo is in its devoted clients and how dedicated Glo is to make sure that its customers are free to follow their goals.


Subscribers will get the desired airtime and a text message of confirmation minutes after making a service request. When the Glo prepaid user recharges his device the next time, the credited funds are deducted from his/her account.

How To Borrow Airtime From GLO

Open the call dialer app on your phone, enter the code *321#, and then send.

To borrow airtime, choose “2” from the list of options.

After choosing the proper number on the next screen and borrowing the desired quantity of airtime, you are done.

Your balance will be credited with the chosen airtime amount.


Easy as pie.

To make things go even faster for you, it would be preferable if you just dial the code *321*, followed by the precise quantity of airtime you wish to borrow.

How To Borrow Data From GLO

It is not difficult to obtain data from Glo. This service is only available to you if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your SIM card has been activated.
  • You have also been a member of the network for at least three months.

If you fulfill these requirements, you are eligible to use the Borrow me Data service. To begin, all you need to do is;

  • Dial *321# and proceed through the menu selections.
  • When you do this, a menu will display asking you to borrow data or Airtime.
  • Enter the matching Borrow data number for this scope.
  • If you accomplish this correctly, you will receive a list of the data amounts you are eligible for.
  • Choose what is best for you and send it.

Glo will credit your Data balance quickly, and you will be able to access the internet in no time. It is vital to know that the amount of data you obtain is proportional to how effectively you recharge. In summary, your monthly vending should be approximately N200.



“Glo borrow me credit and data” does not require an application process. But before you can utilize the service, you have to fulfill the requirements. The following is a list of requirements for qualifying.

  • Your sim must be in use on the Glo network for at least three months,
  • Your active Glo line should be recharged up to N200 each month.
  • The amount you can borrow will depend on how much is recharged. This implies that the amount you may borrow increases as you recharge.
  • You can use Glo Borrow Me Airtime if your Glo line satisfies the aforementioned requirements.

Final Words

Are you short on cash and short on data? No need to worry, the Glo borrows my airtime and data has you covered. You only need to dial *321#. Your account will be credited with Airtime or Data to access the internet in no time because we have shown you how to borrow airtime and data from GLO.

This means you won’t have to miss an online meeting, a special show, or anything else because you ran out of data or airtime. All you have to do is borrow and pay back later.

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