How To Apply For NYIF Loan In Nigeria

Are you searching online for how to apply for NYIF loan in Nigeria? This article features all you need to know to successfully apply for NYIF loan in Nigeria presently.

What Is NYIF?

NYIF popularly called the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund loan may be a product designed to higher the approach to finance for young persons and youth closely-held businesses for Domestic evolution within the country.

The Youth Investment Fund is a gap of the Federal Ministry of Youth & Sports funded by the financial organisation of Nigeria CBN through with the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB).


Nigeria Youth Investment Fund may be a N75 billion whose indicator is to financially endow domestic youths and yield at the most five hundred occupations within the nation from 2020 to 2023.
It is one in all the invention by the main banks to higher conception to boost the capitalist mentality of Nigerian young persons and charge a series of business creation.

NYIF Loan isn’t a grant because the benefactors are indebted to repay at five years liquid ecstasy with a window extension (time lag) of twelve months. It’s a concrete chance brought by the CBN to bloodline several business minded people within the state and conjure employment initiation rhythm.

When Will NYIF Stop?

The NYIF program is continuous till the year 2023. More so, the loan is disbursed in batches and also the NYIF information processing system seem to possess changeless problems thus, you may got to keep your ears sound on for a replacement batch data.
Nigerian youth investment fund offers out N250,000 to N3,000,000 to benefactors inside the age vary of 18-35 years old.
Businesses will receive up to N250,000 on individual basis and Registered Businesses will receive up to N3,000,000.


NYIF Loan Eligibility

Individuals within the age of eighteen to thirty five years are in “line to” for the National Youth Investment Fund. They’ll be individualistic or teams that own standard business. Different demands for a proper business cluster may entail;
• Absolutely registered formal business enterprises with join forces affairs which is the CAC
• Business style design
• Bank Verification Number (BVNs) of Administrator or individualist
• Tax Identification Number

NYIF Loan Application Requirements

• Coaching Credentials approved by FMYSD EDIs
• Indication of registration with cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC)
• Bank Verification Information for Individuals and administrators
• Attestation of authorities Certification by LGA
• Absolutely complete Request form
• Certification of Birth
• Tax identification Number
• Business style outline
• Valid means of Identification
• 2 years bank proof synthesis (account statement).

How To Apply For NYIF Loan And Requirements

To apply for the NYIF Loan, use this step for a simple application:
• Visit NYIF portal at
• Check in and fill the details required of you which are, your name, BVN, address details, state of origin, coaching center and so on
• Check the terms and conditions box
• Submit your application



Report has it that of some people are paid their NYIF loans already. If you’ve finished all things needed, and have done the NYIF coaching, you may got to exercise patience to amass payment as everything is paid in supported batches.

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