How To Apply for Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL)

If you are planning on attending or already attending a university, one of the directions you may want to give a try for the financing of your education is scholarship lottery programme. Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) is one of the many scholarship lottery opportunities available.

What is Scholarship Lottery?

A scholarship lottery is one of the ways students can get finances for their educational pursuits. Though the award of scholarship lottery does involve cash payouts, they are not based on needs or merit. Rather, scholarship lotteries are a sort of a luck process, where the applicants enter their name in a pool and if fortunately the name got drawn among the multitude, the individual has won finances for his or her education.

Scholarship lotteries are not actually like the normal proper scholarships. As the name implies, it is a sort of a game of chance.  Scholarship lotteries are also referred to as sweepstakes.

Every participant in the scholarship lottery stands an equal winning chance. It is more of a luck thing. For the scholarship lottery competitions that are publicized at a high level,  the odds of winning an award can be as low as 1 in over 10,000, therefore making the chances of winning to be relatively slim.

All students who are planning to attend a university or are already attending one are free to access the scholarship lottery. However, the students have to meet up with the SAT or ACT test score requirements and the minimum Grade Point Average qualification. The scholarship lottery, even though is a chance game, it is also a great avenue for fund access for students looking for funds for educational purposes financing.


About Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

The Arkansas office of the Department of Finance and Administration purposed to administer a lottery scholarship operation. The proceeds of this lottery scholarship are meant to make grants and scholarships available for citizens of Arkansas in state universities and colleges.

The institutional set-ups that are to benefit from the scholarship lottery programme include; private and public universities and colleges, non-profit universities and colleges, 4-year universities and colleges, and 2-year universities and colleges.

Over a billion USD scholarship proceeds have been raised by the Arkansas scholarship lottery since its innovation in 2009. College scholarships awarded to Arkansans have topped 675,000, with prizes awarded to the players already above $347 million. Provided federal and state tax revenues are above $154 million. Arkansans scholarship lottery prides itself in the creation of winning futures, moments and people.

The management of the lottery is to be done in a way that; revenues that are generated are maximized, the public is provided with entertainment continuity, and audits and reports are done in a manner that provides transparency and accountability to the general assembly and the public, and finally, the dignity and the integrity of the process is well preserved.

The processes of coordination and promotion responsibility of the scholarship is anchored by the Higher Education Department of Arkansas.


Arkansas Challenge Scholarships take a major part of the finances spent on the lottery ticket by college students. The rest of the money goes to the resellers of tickets and the scholarship winners. Financing of Arkansas Academic Challenge is the ultimate aim of the programme.

Many games are present in the ASL. Some of the games are; Instant Games (which is also referred to as scratch-offs) Mega Millions, Cash 4, Cash 3, and Lucky for Life.

Qualifications for Accessing the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Who is/are qualified to give the Arkansas scholarship lottery a try? We will find out in this section.

  • You must be a US resident
  • The individual must be pursuing his or her college degree presently in Arkansas. Awards provided by the scholarship programme are available for; former students of colleges, upcoming graduates of high schools, graduates of high schools who have not attended college yet,  and current students of colleges.
  • You must have lived for 12 months at the minimum in Arkansas and must have plans to attend college in the area.
  • For college entering high school students, you need to have an ACT score not less than 19. The scholarship programme also accepts the required ACT score minimum equivalents if you are a non-traditional student, that is, one that did not attend college immediately after graduating from high school, you need to have a minimum SAT score of 19, or be above 2.5 GPA grade after undergoing twelve university courses hours.
  • A GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in the course of your study period

The Scholarship Terms And Conditions

If you emerge as one of the winners of the scholarship, there are some conditions you have to keep meeting if you want to continue being a beneficiary of the scholarship. These conditions are;

  • You are not allowed to miss even a semester; hence your scholarship award will get suspended. This implies that you must be enrolled in school all the time
  • You need to pass twenty-seven hours of a semester as a student in the first year, if you are a second-year student, you must make sure to pass thirty semester hours.
  • If you are a student on a part-time programme, you are still able to qualify for the scholarship, albeit, with a reduced premium.
  • After a hundred and thirty hours, scholarship renewal can be done if all conditions are met
  • Your application will get reviewed by the committee if you are a degree which requires that you spend more than one hundred and thirty hours at the institution.
  • If before you reach the benchmark, you have already earned your bachelor’s degree, you can decide if you want your reward extended. However, this does not qualify you for further additional funding.

How To Apply For The Scholarship

Here is the crux of the matter in this piece. How one can apply for the Arkansas scholarship lottery.

Application for the Arkansas lottery can be done by the completion of the Arkansas YOUniversal Scholarship Application, or by downloading the lottery app known as the Youniversal app for free from the website of the Higher Education Department,

This online app is considered as a lottery-funded and state-funded financial aid one-shop stop.

Activities that you can do on the mobile app of the ASL include reward points earning, getting information about impending drawings and existing promotions, checking for available histories of winning(s) of your numbers, location of the closest lottery retailer, club services access, and so on.


This is all about the features, process and means of application for ASL. (Arkansas Scholarship Lottery)


Kindly follow the link to the application website provided above if you think you are qualified to apply, and while at it, please share this piece for others’ awareness and benefit.

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