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Searching for high-paying jobs in Australia? You’re at the right place. This article features the top 10 high-paying Jobs in the country. Stay tuned!

Along with job satisfaction and personal interests, salary is a major determinant of career choice. You may treat yourself and your loved ones to fancy items and boost your retirement funds with a high-paying career.

Understanding the prerequisites for the roles you desire can help you be ready for a high-paying profession because obtaining these positions requires years of study and experience.

To assist you in determining which positions could be the greatest fit for you, we have included the highest-paying occupations along with their duties in this post.

Here Are The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

Most often, the highest-paying positions are skilled positions with significant responsibility for clients, financial results, and other employees. A variety of industries, including healthcare, mining, and technology, provide these positions. According to research, these are the top 10 positions in terms of pay:


1. Surgeon

Average salary: $394,303 per year

Surgeons have been at the top of the profession’s value chain since 2010. According to ATO research, their average annual salary has climbed by $52,500 over the last ten years. To become a surgeon, you must complete five to six years of advanced surgical training in one of nine specialties.

Learning is often extremely practical and resembles an apprenticeship in many fields. The nine surgical specialties are general, Cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, orthopedic, head & neck, pediatric, plastic, and vascular surgery.

To become a general surgeon, you must:

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in medicine from a recognized institution (4-6 years)
  2. Take part in a residency and internship program in a hospital (2-3 years)
  3. Obtain a FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) designation (5-6 years)

You can pursue sub-specialization studies in one of nine fields of medicine after your fellowship. By receiving more training, people may be able to earn much more money annually than the aforementioned average pay.


2. Anesthetist

Average Salary: $386,065 per year

Anesthesiology is ranked second. You have no idea what it is, do you? We can’t really blame you. Anesthetists are doctors who provide anesthetics (painkilling medications).

Despite being one of Australia’s highest-paying jobs, it has one of the lowest workforces, second only to psychiatrists. Oh, and it’s not a trippy job where you pop drugs and make folks smoke cash to treat pain.

It requires a perfect ATAR and several years of hard work. Surprisingly, it has advanced to the point that it is now a highly sophisticated, safe, and successful medical field.

To become an anesthetist, you must first get a medical degree from a university, followed by a residency.

  1. A Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in medicine or surgery (4-6 years)
  2. Complete a residency and internship at a hospital (2-3 years)
  3. Earn a Fellowship from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists (5-6 years)

As they practice and gain expertise as internal medicine specialists, anesthetist salary will rise.

3. Internal Medicine Specialists

Average salary: $304,752 per year

Experts in internal medicine are knowledgeable about how to prevent, identify, and treat illnesses that damage the body’s internal organs.

And don’t panic if you’re still unclear about “what sets internal medicine specialists apart from other doctors.” The field of medicine known as internal medicine, on the other hand, concentrates on both the inside and outside of the body.

Because of this knowledge, doctors are able to treat both common and rare disorders. Because a problem in one system may result in problems in others, internal medicine specialists look at how all of the body systems interact.


To qualify, you must:

  1. Possess a medical degree from an accredited university.
  2. Complete a three-year residency program in internal medicine.
  3. Three years of full-time training in adult internal medicine.
  4. After you complete your Advanced Training, the supervisory committee will recommend that you be admitted to the Fellowship program.
  5. You will get an invitation from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians to apply for a fellowship in your division, faculty, or chapter.

4. Financial Dealer

Average salary: $275,984 per year

Financial dealers operate as their clients’ representatives in financial market transactions and give financial advice. Financial dealers benefit from the purchase and sale of commodities and securities.

They monitor the financial markets and use their funds to make transactions. Because of the constant status of the market and high-value transactions, finance dealers are frequently on the edge and dog-tired.

If you want to be a financial dealer, you’ll require a university degree in finance, economics, or actuarial studies, and then the financial market will be your oyster.


To qualify, you must:

  1. Obtain a Business diploma from TrainSmart Australia.
  2. A bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, management, or accounting is required.
  3. Pass the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or MBA test.
  4. Take on leadership roles within financial groups. This experience will help you prepare for promotion to Finance Director after 10+ years of service.

5. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $235,558 per year

Make certain that you do not confuse psychologists with psychiatrists. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications to assist maintain mental health, whereas psychologists can give interventional care.

Psychiatry is a medical specialty concerned with the identification, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

The education and clinical training of a psychiatrist enable them to grasp the relationship between mental and medical diseases, as well as the genetics involved, and to work with patients to deliver pharmacological medications or interventional therapy plans.


To become a Psychiatrist, you must first complete the following requirements:

  1. Obtain a university medical degree; (4-6 years)
  2. Complete an internship and residency program at a public hospital (2-3 years)
  3. Complete the Fellowship program of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

6. Judicial or other legal professionals

Average salary: $188,798 per year

Working in the legal system or as a legal practitioner has been not always lucrative. Yes, unless you seek a Juris Doctor (JD) professional legal degree, which covers all of the required areas of competence for admission to practice law in Australia.

These vocations are only available through the JD program, and they serve as a stepping stone in the legal profession for graduates with non-law degrees or law degrees from other countries.

They enable you to concentrate on international and transnational areas of law for legal practice while also analyzing, researching, writing, and advocating.


You must complete the following requirements before you may practice law in Australia:

  1. Earn a law bachelor’s degree (LLB) or a law postgraduate degree (JD) (3-4 years)
  2. 1 year of practical legal training
  3. Maintain a law practice and get accepted by the Supreme Court as a lawyer.
  4. Completion of supervised practice in a legal firm (18-24 months).

7. Mining Engineer

Average salary: $184,507 per year

Working as a mining engineer requires a lot of devotion. These male, or female engineers on occasion, will design and direct the engineering elements of extracting mineral resources, petroleum, and natural gas from the soil. These engineers are also in charge of the extraction procedure’s design, exploration, and feasibility.

They plan operations, estimate project costs, follow production schedules, monitor progress, employ appropriate mining processes, and evaluate natural, technological, financial, and safety hazards.

For one to work in this field, a degree in engineering with a specialty in mining or possibly Geotechnical engineering is essential.


Individuals with the following qualifications should be able to work as an Engineering Manager on a mining site and make a good living:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in engineering with a specialty in mining or Geotechnical engineering.
  2. A bachelor’s degree-holding mining engineer.

Once certified and experienced, a Graduate Mining Engineer can advance to a more senior engineering position and earn better pay.

8. Enterprise architecture manager.

Average salary: $168,762 per year

Enterprise and systems architect managers manage and control the organization’s IT networks, which include everything from updating and enhancing services to monitoring software and hardware implementation and installation. They oversee enterprise architects, software architects, and other IT specialists and serve as the company’s IT performance strategic leaders.

To qualify, you must:

  1. Have a diploma, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field.
  2. Be familiar with computer programming and software development, as well as having hands-on expertise with various systems, hard drives, and cloud computing would be beneficial.
  3. Have experience in management, leadership and company growth would be desirable.

9. Construction Manager

Average salary: $158,901 per year

Construction managers are in charge of construction sites. They ensure that construction employees adhere to occupational health and safety rules and work efficiently to achieve project deadlines. They assist construction workers in dealing with unanticipated obstacles, delegating jobs, and routinely updating clients on the status of their projects.

A degree in construction management, project management, or civil engineering is required to become a construction manager. Alternatively, obtain a Certificate IV or Diploma in Building and Construction as well as a valid White Card from an RTO in Australia.

10. Insurance Manager

Average salary: $113,081 per year

Insurance managers supervise the work of insurance brokers, underwriters, claims investigators, and actuaries at their insurance office. They ensure that all workers understand their jobs and work efficiently to serve consumers and accomplish corporate goals.



  1. Obtain a diploma in Insurance Broking.
  2. At least 5 years experience in Insurance sales and management or other related fields.

Final Words

Money is the key motivator for the majority of individuals to work and have a fulfilling life. While it may look straightforward to judge a career shift only on the salary supplied by a job, it’s critical to remember that there are numerous exceptions to the rule within various industries.

Also, bear in mind that you will not always be able to quantify all of the benefits of a great job or profession. The highest paying jobs in Australia above are according to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

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