GTBank Internet Banking: How To Register, Activate, login, And Transfer Money On GTB Online Banking

Are you interested in learning the procedures for establishing, enabling, entering, or transferring cash using GTBank’s internet banking platform? You have arrived at the correct location.

Most banks now use online banking as a fintech innovation to improve the caliber of their services.

This article is crucial for every present or prospective GTBank client who is keen in gaining more insight into GTBank’s online banking services. This article will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the procedures involved in establishing your GTB Online Banking account, enabling it, accessing it, and conducting financial transfers.

An In-Depth Look at the GTB Online Banking System

GTBank prioritizes client satisfaction by using state-of-the-art technology to enhance the excellence, efficiency, and ease of its services.

With the GTB online banking system, you may securely do over 90% of your financial transactions from the comfort of your home or workplace, at any time of the day or night.

From any GT bank domiciled account, it is possible to do various financial transactions such as paying bills, US visa fees, booking flights, transferring foreign currencies, requesting, confirming, or halting checks, and moving funds to other accounts in GT bank or any other commercial bank.

The most notable feature of this is the ability to monitor accounts online in real-time, thereby preventing fraud and imposters.

Procedures for Enrolling and Initiating the Utilization of GTBank’s Internet Banking

The login credentials, including your User ID and password, are of utmost importance.

Each GT account owner should have received a login email including their details, since all accounts are now categorized for internet banking upon opening.

However, if you were unable to get your data, there are still options available to recover them:

Online Registration and Internet-based Activation
Kindly visit the website
Select the option “Internet banking” from the “ways to bank” menu located under the “Personal banking” section.
Proceed to complete the form by selecting the “register” option.
Authenticate with the GT bank account number.
Please provide the last six numbers of your debit or credit card.
Complete the PIN form.
Activate the captcha.
Subsequently, choose the “continue” option.
Please provide your identity and the email address you use.
Upon approval, your online banking ID will be sent to your email address.
Enrolling and activating at the physical location

Complete a physical form at any GT Bank branch, or download a form from the Internet, fill it in, and submit it to

Upon approval, your login details will be delivered to you via email.

Enabling and Enrolling USSD Codes

To initiate the activation process for your GTB Internet Banking account, just call 7376*5# from the phone number you have already registered and proceed by following the instructions shown on your device’s screen. Subsequently, GTB will dispatch a text message with your online banking details to the cellphone number provided.

Logging into your GTB online account

Upon receipt of your details by email or text message, immediate access to your account will be granted.

Locate iBank on the GTBank website.
Authenticate yourself by entering your User ID and password.
Techniques for Altering Your GTBank Online Banking Password

First-time users are required to change their password within two hours after receiving it. The following methods remain valid for existing users who want to change their password:

Simply go to your online banking portal and proceed to authenticate yourself by logging in.
Choose the self-service option.
Select the alternative to change your password.
You will need to enter both your current password and the password you have selected twice.
To initiate the transaction, just click the “Confirm” button.
Online funds transfer methods with GTB

Upon checking in to the site, you will be sent to your dashboard where you may see your balance and do various operations.

Select the option “transfer” from the list of fast connections that are now accessible.
Select the “own account” option to transfer money to a different bank, or alternatively, you may use GTBank to transfer cash to other GTBank accounts or accounts in other banks.
Please provide detailed information on the transaction, including the exact amount of cash to be sent and the account number of the recipient.
The one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the email or mobile phone number linked to your GTB account.
Upon entering the OTP, your transaction will be duly approved.
Taking everything into account

The GTBank Internet Banking service may be used either online or via the mobile app, which is available for download on app stores like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

After comprehending this clear directive, you should possess the ability to use GTB Online Banking effortlessly. The following are the sequential actions: Enroll, enable, sign in, and move money.

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