Galen College Of Nursing – Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, Tuition, Application Process And Reviews 2023

Galen College of Nursing is one of the largest colleges of Nursing in America. The school focuses solely on the provision of quality nursing education and the building of caring and confident professionals for successful Nursing careers.

With Galen College of Nursing, you are at the right place if nursing is for you. It is a regionally accredited college of Nursing offering MSNLPN/ nursing degree programs, LPN Bridge, LVN, ADN and BSN.

The school has accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The accreditation allows the school to award master’s degrees, baccalaureate, and associates.

Galen understands the fact that its students come from all walks of life. The Nursing profession is a sort of a calling for some, while for some, it’s a future with greater opportunity, a new career pathway. Galen does not just teach but is also humanly and materially resourceful enough to support.

Its address? The School’s main campus is located at 3050 Terra Crossing Boulevard Louisville, Kentucky, 40245.


Its off-campus instructional sites include locations such as Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida.

About Galen College Of Nursing

Established in 1989 by Humana Health Institutes, Incorporated, Galen College of Nursing’s singular purpose is excellence in Nursing. At the time Humana set up Galen College of Medicine, Humana was regarded then as one of the largest health care systems and insurance providers in the company.

A severe national nursing shortage was the reason Humana developed vocational and Practical Nursing programs. It was named Galen Health Institute in 1994 and later became an independent educational organisation due to the dissolution of the Humana hospital System. But with the establishment of Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs, Galen officially becomes a college of Nursing in the year 2005.

It also established its board of directors the same year, while its Cincinnati and Ohio campus was opened. Regulatory history was made as Galen College of Nursing became the first proprietary nursing program that has the approval for the offering of an Associate degree in Nursing Education in the State of Texas.

Since Galen’s doors were thrown open in 1989, its focus is on Nursing degree programs, and the school has produced over 20,000 graduate nurses through the years.


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Galen College Of Nursing Acceptance Rate

Most Galen College of Nursing campuses all over the nation has a 100% acceptance rate. Findings on other research platforms and statistics around also put Galen’s acceptance rate at 100%. With these stats, Galen’s acceptance rate is obvious already, even to the blind. 100%.

Admission Application Requirements For Galen College Of Nursing

Wondering what you need to enter into Galen College of Nursing? It depends on the study program you are planning on studying in the school.

It can also be influenced by which of the campuses of the school you are planning on attending. Either it’s the online campus or any of the offline campuses.

Here we will highlight the basic requirements and some of the requirements for programs in the Louisville KY campus as a case study, and you can from there get your answer about the school’s admission requirements.


For the basic requirements, applicants to Galen’s College of Nursing must meet the following qualifications;

  • Must be able to effectively communicate in the English language
  • Be a graduate of a high school or a holder of a GED which is equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • Must pass a qualifying entrance examination successfully as required
  • Prior to the start of classes, the candidate must pass a criminal background screening. The screening fee is not refundable. Clinical Partners of Galen College of Nursing have requirements that must be met by Galen students to work in a real-world healthcare setting.
  • Test scores from qualifying examinations such as the ACT, HESI A2, TEAS, and SAT, may be considered for acceptance into the college. Evidence of a previously earned bachelor’s degree from an institution that is well accredited may also be considered. However, the admission test scores are such that are earned within the last 5 years.
  • An applicant who has attended a school other than Galen which has a curriculum related to Galen’s may be able to obtain credit for those courses.

For Clinical Requirements, it is believed that students that participate in clinical experiences stand at quite a risk of exposure to diseases that are preventable by vaccines. Therefore, good immunity maintenance is required for the nursing program. It is for this reason that Galen requires evidence of vaccination against diseases such as;

Rubella, Varicella (Chicken Pox), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Measles, Pertussis, Tetanus, Diphtheria and so on from its students. It also requires evidence of a negative screening for Tuberculosis. (TB)

For further help and clarification about Galen’s admission requirements, you may contact the school’s admission support team.

Galen College Of Nursing Tuition And Other Fees

The Tuition for Galen College of Nursing on the campus we are using as a case study, (the Louisville KY campus) is $21,803. The registration fee is $100, the background fee is $100, and is due payable during the enrolment appointment after acceptance. Supplies are estimated at $50. However, physical examination and required immunization costs vary depending on health insurance.


How To Apply To Galen College Of Nursing

To apply for any of Galen College of Nursing’s programs, you can visit the school’s website and get going by filling out the application form.

Those who are former students of the institution who would like to seek readmission to the school can also follow the same process, however, with a different registration link.

How to Apply


After completing the submission of the online application, the next step is to submit the needed acceptance and enrolment documents. These include but are not limited to official high school transcripts, or GED, official college transcripts and so on for the course under consideration. Financial aids are also to be submitted if there are plans to use them.

The last step of the admission application process to Galen College of Nursing is to schedule an enrolment appointment.

Galen College Of Nursing Reviews

Galen’s classes are made intentionally small so that there will be a lot of one-on-on-ones and students can talk to their teachers anytime. Lots of the ratings of the school on various platforms online are above 4 points.

Final Words

This is all about Galen College of Nursing. To know more, feel free to visit the school’s website, and don’t forget to share this piece while at it.

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