Financial Recovery Technologies: Everything You Need To Know

Founded in 2008, (a member of Cross country group which was founded in 1972) Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT) is a company that specializes in provision of investment counsel and information to individuals and companies. The company helps investment companies in claim filing, analyze eligibility, client reporting and disbursement auditing.

What You Need To Know About Financial Recovery Technologies

The idea that gave birth to FRT in 2011 is that with focus and technology, a better mousetrap can be built, and for 10 years, that is exactly what FRT has been done.  FRT operates with the mentality that it has a role to play in the company’s representation improvement in the region and industry, therefore, the company puts practices and programmes underway for fostering an environment where colleagues feel included, welcomed and valued.

FRT customers across the globe numbered over 800, employees are above 160, and the company has processed over 3000 settlements. It has monitored about 1.6 billion transactions, and has 99.2% customer retention rate. The company’s employee base grows by 12% in the last year.


Claim Filing On Financial Recovery Technologies

Claim filing is a very sensitive matter that needs to be approached with all carefulness and good understanding. It is something quite resource intensive and complex. Omissions and errors at stages of the project have resulted in many being unable to file their claims properly, thereby leading to about one third of claims filed being dismissed before reaching a settlement. Institutional investors have missed opportunities to claim billions of available funds each year.

Addressing these issues is the reason for the existence of Financial Recovery Technologies. With a team of experts at Security claims, the Claim filing process is efficiently managed from start to finish, and Securities Class Action Administrative burden is becomes maximum returns for investors.

On the 28th of April 2021, Financial Recovery Technologies entered into alliance with Bank of New York (BNY) Melon Corporation, a financial institution with headquarters in New York which provides investment banking services for customers. The agreement provides an avenue for BNY Melons clients to access FRT’s comprehensive class action solutions. BNY Mellon’s clients with non-US and anti-trust litigations can also access FRT services. With the agreement, BNY Mellon’s clients now have a complete coverage than can be leveraged on for optimization of their exposure to litigation opportunities.


How FRT Operates

Financial Recovery Technologies claim filing operations can be summarized in five steps, which are;

  • Identification of eligible positions of security

At these level, data resources of industry are scoured proactively to ensure capacity for making every filing possible.

  • Price analysis, calculation of recognizable losses

FRT analysis clients trading history them format and match it against the FRT’ proprietary database. This aids in proper preparation of filings and ensure perfect evaluation of relevant matches against open class

  • Filings preparation and submission

Having done all the analysis, necessary formatting and matching, filings are prepared and submitted to claims administrators. FRT also conduct pre filing analysis on the customers behalf

  • Funds Recovery

At this stage, funds are recovered, accuracies verified and the funds are then remitted to the client(s)

  • Report Generation

After completion of the first month stages, detailed report of distribution which consist of a thorough audit and accounting trail are provided by FRT.


Final Words on Financial Recovery Technologies

This is the whole summary of the FRT operation process, and the goodies the company has to offer. Please share this piece so others can also learn. This may be just what someone needs to get that claim.

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