Fidelity Bank Internet Banking: How to Register, Activate, Login And Transfer Money on Fidelity Online Banking

Are you a Fidelity Bank customer? If yes, have you heard of Fidelity Bank Internet Banking? Or are you only familiar with the USSD code and the limited number of transactions that can be carried with it?

You may have heard or not, but this article is an eye-opener. It will show you how to register, activate, log in, and transfer money on Fidelity bank online banking.

The beauty of internet banking is seen in how it allows consumers access about 90% of banking services everywhere you go.

No matter how busy your schedule gets, you can always find some time to carry out transactions on your internet-enabled device.

With Fidelity Online Banking, you can bank where and when you want. This is a great thing, right?


About Fidelity Bank internet banking

The fidelity e-banking is available to both individual and corporate customers. The services are tailored to fit both business and personal needs. You can carry out a wide range of transactions and be assured that they are secure and fast too.

Features and Benefits of Fidelity Internet Banking

  • Pay bills and utilities, TV subscription, and Remita.
  • Easily purchase airtime and data on your mobile phone.
  • Book flights and pay for your airtime tickets.
  • Easy self-registration on the website.
  • Foreign currency fund transfers.
  • Bulk payments to about 1000 beneficiaries. (This is available to both personal and corporate users).
  • Self-transfer without a token.
  • Multiple authorizations for corporate users.
  • Create and automate recurring payments.

How to Register for Fidelity Bank Online Banking

The steps involved are not complicated in any way, but you will have to perform your due diligence in providing accurate information.

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘New account? Register here’
  • Click on ‘Get started’
  • Enter your Fidelity bank account number and an authentication code will be sent to the mobile number attached to your account.
  • Choose a username or User ID.
  • Choose a password
  • Enter your email
  • Select security questions and answers. These are important for resetting your password, in the case of loss or failure to recall.
  • Complete the identity verification. This is done either by filling in the details of your ATM card or printing the web form and taking it to any Fidelity bank near you. After this, you are ready to go.

For potential corporate account users, on the online banking page, click on ‘Corporate sole account user’ and follow the prompts for further instructions.

You need to download some enrollment forms, which are to be completed and submitted to the nearest Fidelity bank branch to complete your registration.

N.B: All account types can be registered for internet banking at any Fidelity branch.


How to Log into Fidelity Online Banking

How to create a transaction pin

On your dashboard, or the mobile app, go to ‘settings’.

Click on ‘create pin’

Follow the instructions given to you.

Token for verification of transactions

A token is important for the completion and verification of your transactions.

It ensures the security of your transactions


For a software token, download ‘Fidelity token’ from mobile stores and activate it using the credentials for online banking.

For hardware token, visit a Fidelity branch or send an email to

How to transfer money with Fidelity Bank Internet Banking

  • Sign into your profile as shown above
  • Select “Transfer’ from your dashboard.
  • Select the type of transfer: ‘to self’, ‘to fidelity’ or ‘to other bank’.
  • Fill in the details of the transaction: beneficiary bank, receiver’s account number, and the amount.
  • Specify the standing instructions. You can automate the payment to occur weekly, monthly or bimonthly; it’s completely up to you.
  • Confirm the details
  • Enter token and click ‘finish’.

Final words on Fidelity Internet Banking

I hope that by reading this guide, you have learnt how to register activate login and transfer money on Fidelity bank Online Banking.

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