Faruq Onikijipa Net Worth 2023

How much money does Faruq Onikijipa have? This question is on the minds of many people, as Faruq Onikijipa is a very successful individual.

Despite his wealth, Faruq Onikijipa remains humble and down to earth. He is well-loved by many and is considered to be a great role model. Faruq Onikijipa’s story is one of inspiration, and it is sure to motivate others to achieve great things.

Faruq Onikijipa Biography

Popular Mulla/Alfa Faruq Onikijipa is a well-known personality in the whole of Nigeria. In addition to being a life coach, Faruq onikijipa is well-known for speaking the truth about Islam. And how his fellow Muslim brethren should behave in society in order to carry the instructions of Allah.

Faruq Onikijipa was born on the 25th day of February 1962, into the Onikijipa family. His father is a well-known Sheik “Abdullah Onikijipa” and his mother is Hajiha Aminat Faruq.

Faruq’s grandfather was the Imam of the historic Okekere Mosque in Oke-male, Ilorin, he is a well-respected man in the whole of Kwara State.


Faruq Onikijipa Career

Sheik Suleimon started his research under his father’s guidance, learning how to present the first chapter (Surah) of the primary Qur’an.

Soon after the home obstruction, he continued to a different Islamic institution (casual) to continue strengthening his fundamental knowledge under the guidance of a renowned researcher Sheik Zakariyah Ataragba of the renowned Agbaji quarters until around 1979.

He then sought the permission and gifts of his instructor and profound head to grant him leave to enable him to further his Islamic training shelter and master the fundamental command (tarbiyah) in the Quran.

Faruq enrolled himself in an Islamic school in Ilorin to further his education in 1979. In the early 1980s, he took up important Islamic research which includes the Islamic fiqh (legal examination), the Islamic Surfu and nahu (phonology), and many others.

As a result of this, he received his first testimony in 1983 from the prestigious Darul-ulum Arabic and Islamic School in Ilorin.


Faruq Onikijipa Net Worth

Faruq Onikijipa is estimated to be worth $500k – $1M  in 2023, and his net worth continues to soar thanks to his larger-than-life persona.

As the face of an entire generation of Africans and an icon in the Islamic religion, Faruq’s success has come from his knack of creating content that resonates with people all over the world.

From being a life coach on streaming platforms to teaching his fellow Islamic brethren the way of Allah, Faruq is clearly doing something right.

Faruq Onikijipa Family

Early in his life, Sheikh Sulaimon Faruq married his wife, Alhaja Rahmatullah Kehinde. Sulaimon Faruk has only ever been married to this lovely woman, who has been by his side throughout his entire life. You could say that she serves as the great Islam clergy’s backbone.

Faruq onikijipa is blessed with beautiful children, who are replete with Islamic teachings. Tijani, Ibrahim, Sadalah, Maryam, Iradat, and sauda are among their six children, three of whom are sons and three of whom are daughters.



At the moment, Faruq Onikijipa’s net worth is estimated to be around $500k – $1M. This is based on his current business ventures and other investments. Much of his wealth has come from his fans and other well-wishers in Islam.

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