Doorstep Loans: Top 10 Home Credit Loan Companies In UK

Looking for the best doorstep loans in the UK? You’re at the right place. This article features the top 10 home credit loan companies in the United Kingdom. Keep reading!

What Is A Doorstep Loan?

Doorstep loan is also called Home Credit, it is a type of personal loan where your borrowed money will be delivered to your home, also the lender comes to your home to collect the repayments when due.

The loans are normally smaller amounts and you will be charged a high rate of interest when you want to repay because of the borrowing process (i.e home delivered loan).

Are Doorstep Loans Legal?

Doorstep loan is legal because there is an agreement in place, between you and the lender. The lender can only pay you a visit in respect to your written letter or signed request.

But it is a criminal offence for a lender to come to your house to offer to lend you money without any agreement in place.


What Is A Doorstep Lender?

A doorstep lender is an agent working for a doorstep loan company, this agent will visit you at your home to finalise and give you your loan. The same agent that visited you will also be the person to collect your repayments.

Here Are The Top 10 Home Credit Loan Companies In UK

  • Home Credit Company

Home Credit is an international financial institution (non-bank). It was founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic and is headquartered in Netherlands. The company operates in 9 countries and focuses on installment lending primarily to people with little or no credit history.

You can log on to home credit official website at for more details on how to borrow.

  • Solution Loan

Solution loan offers home credit, like many other types of their loan, you can apply online to enusre your application is dealth with quickly. You can apply using the website

  • Nsf Group

Non-Standard Finance plc. (NSF) is a UK-based company founded in 2015. The company offers financial aids to citizens by providing home credit under the brands Loans “At Home” and “Everyday Loans”.


You can log on to NSF Group official website at for more details on how to borrow.

  • Money Helper

Money helper is a UK based organization that offers people financial aid, they also offer home credit. Log on to their official website at to get in touch with an agent.

  • Fair Finance

Fair Finance is a loan organisation that has branch in the UK. They offer home credit. Log on to their website at for more details.

  • Mutual Loans

With Mutual Loans, you can apply for home credit with 3 easy steps. Log on to their official website at to get started.

  • Loans At Home

Loans At Home provide small cash loans of between £100 and £600 and small repayment interest, the loan will be delivered directly to your home. Log on to their official website at to get started

  • Provident Personal Credit

Provident Personal Credit is a loan organization that offers home credit service to people. Apply now on their website at to get started.

  • Morses Club

Morses Club offers home credit, their loan application can be finalised and collected from your home within a week. Log on to their official website at to apply.

  • Simple Fast Loans

This is a loan organization with great online service, they also offer home credit which you can easily apply for via their website at

Final Words On Doorstep Loans in UK

You can now use home credit feature to borrow money from loan companies/organizations. The money will be delivered directly to your home without having you go through the stress of withdrawing it from your bank account.

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