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Are you interested in being a Nurse, a really good one at that? Are you wondering where to get that dream into reality? Then Denver College of Nursing is a choice you may want to consider.

About Denver College Of Nursing

Denver College of Nursing is an institution that strives to prepare healthcare providers and leaders for community transformation through health care and innovative education.

The school is located at 19th and Market streets in lower downtown Denver, an area with easy access to light rail transportation.

It launched its first class in 2004 and was then known as the Denver School of Nursing. The school’s name was later changed to Denver College of Nursing in recent years. It is accredited by the HLC (Higher Learning Commission) and the ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education Learning). The Colorado State Board of Nursing also granted full approval to Denver College of Nursing for its bachelor’s nursing programs.

Education Affiliates Incorporated is one of the largest providers of Nursing Education in the US, with its network also including Fortis College and Institute, St Paul’s School of Nursing, and so on. It operates more than 23 programs and 13 US states and encompasses an excess of 5000 Nursing Students across the country. Denver College of Nursing is part of the school’s network under the management of the Educational Affiliates Incorporated.


DCN focus all of its resources on the science and the art of Nursing. The main goal is to prepare its learners to become excellent Nursing professionals. Therefore, the school has stayed committed to this goal without distraction by other areas of enquiry or disciplines. It is the school’s belief that Nurses are the future of healthcare rest solely on good nurses.

At DCN, you can either get your education virtually as a post-licensure student through the school’s distance education program or get your pre-licensure programs on the school’s physical campus. The school also offers the opportunity for students to become part of Global Health Perspective programs. The program focuses on the development of students in global healthcare settings both in Denver and all around the world.

The school’s bachelor’s program is speedy but rigorous, its clinical simulation hours demanding and its curriculum challenging. Its preparation of Nurses to sit for NCLEX is top-notch as it has one of the highest pass rates across the state.

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Denver College Of Nursing Acceptance Rate

DCN, like most schools of its type, does not provide acceptance rate data. A possible reason for this is the fact that once the school may be running programs that do need an applicant competing with others but only needs to meet only meet up with the admission requirements to get in.

Nevertheless, estimates based on research carried out on the admission statistics of other closely-ranked institutions with similar profiles put the Denver School of Nursing’s Acceptance rate at 93%.


Denver College Of Nursing Application Requirements

The general requirements needed to apply for admission into DCN are as follows;

  • Applicant must be a high school graduate or be in possession of a recognized equivalent high school diploma. This must be proved by making available the documentation of the aforementioned academic achievements such as; a transcript, high school diploma, or earned a high degree. Any other documentation equivalent to higher than a high school diploma in the USA is also acceptable.
  • Applicants must pass the entrance exams as appropriate for the study program applied for. No entrance test is required for DCN’s Bachelor of Nursing from RN to BSN program.
  • Interview with an admission representative. The interview shall include applicants discussing their career goals, educational background and applicable experience.

To apply for a Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN), here are the requirements;

  • A Nursing baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by ACEN, AACN/CCNE, or a program accredited by CNEA.
  • 5 of 4.0 minimum undergraduate CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)
  • Three recommendations from individuals with knowledge about the applicants’ academic, leadership and professional potentials. The three individuals to make the recommendations must be professionals.
  • Evidence of unrestricted Nursing license must be made available. Applicants with pending licensure must obtain it before the first quarter of study is over.
  • A one-page essay giving a good description of how a Masters’s Education will enhance applicants’ practice upon completion.
  • Preferably, applicants are to already possess 2 years of Clinical practice as a Registered Nurse.

Denver College of Nursing is not so easy a school to get into. So plan to buckle up if you are really planning to make it in. Admissions to the Denver School of Nursing, to sum it up, are based on a review of the applicant’s educational background and career interests. More about DCN requirements for each of its programs can be found on the school’s website.

Denver College Of Nursing Tuition And Other Fees

Fees defer across programs at DCN, just as it is in almost all other institutions.

For those pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing Degree, the application fee is $100, Laptop is $950, and the Tuition is $15,137. This makes a total figure of $16,187.


For those pursuing a  Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the application is $100, books 1,635, book bags $75, IT fee $300, Nursing kits $135, Inst fee 700, Sim lab fee $925, Clinical fee $1000, Graduation fee $250, Assessment Testing $1,900 and Tuition fee at $51,342. This makes a total of $58,564.

For the Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN Option, the fees are; application $100, laptop $950, and Tuition is 14,183. The total sums up to $15,233.

For Associate Degree in Nursing, Tuition is $37,754, and the total fees when other fees are added sum up to a total of 44,095.

These are the fee structures for programs at DCN. For further details and better clarity, you can visit the school’s website—fees.html

Denver College Of Nursing Reviews

The school is not for lazybones. It’s for those who are serious about the Nursing profession. Therefore, the curriculum and system are demanding, rigorous and accelerated. However, it made better Nurses out of its students and prepares them well for NCLEX exams.


If you are really serious about Nursing and would love to put in all your best effort towards it, DCN is an appropriate place for you. Go for it.

Final Words

I hope this post explained all you need to know about the Denver College of Nursing acceptance rate, application requirements, tuition, student portal and reviews.

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