Davidson Fellows Scholarship USA – Requirements And How To Apply In 2023

Are you a profoundly gifted student? Do you desire a scholarship opportunity that is set up for students of your class and caliber? Then the Davidson Fellows Scholarship is the right choice for you.

Winning a scholarship award is one of every student’s best wishes. A Scholarship can take away all the burdens of footing your bills through school and even boost your CV. The full benefits of a scholarship includes but not limited to;

  • It helps to access networking opportunities
  • Scholarships create an easier access to education for many
  • Scholarships Grant access to extensive support
  • Philanthropic gestures are encouraged by Scholarships
  • Scholarships gives an individual’s resume a boost. Since Scholarships are gotten when some special qualifications are met, an indication of winning a scholarship on an individual’s CV speaks of a special capacity, feature about the individual.
  • Scholarships offers the ease of financial assistance

These are some of the benefits offered by winning a scholarship award.

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship Program

Davidson Fellows scholarship is one of the programs established by the Davidson Institute, a nonprofit organization in the US set up in the year 1999 by the Davidsons who are education software entrepreneurs.

Its mission is to support profoundly gifted children needs. Methods that Davidson institute utilize for the achievement of this mission includes; scholarships, networking, information resources, advocacy, educational opportunities, and family support.


The organization seeks to provide support for gifted children and their parents, educators, with it’s services and programs.

Services and Programs by the Davidson Institute Includes;

  • The Davidson Academy

The Davidson Academy was created in 2005 and designated as university for profoundly gifted pupils via legislation. It is located in Reno, Nevada, and it offers 2 educational options.

The first is an online campus for its students living anywhere in the United States, while the other is the Reno day school located in Reno Nevada.

  • Davidson Young Scholars

The Davidson Young Scholars Program is designed to provide profoundly intelligent young people that are between the ages of 5 to 18 with developmental needs.


It also seeks to assist and support students and parents with talent development, child and adolescent development, educational advocacy, and so on. The program currently has over 3,500 students.

  • The Think Summer Institute

The think Summer Institute features a residential summer program on the University of Nevada campus, Reno. The program is for 13 to 16 year old profoundly gifted students and it last for 3 weeks. It’s has up to 60 students in attendance each summer since its inception.

  • The Davidson Gifted Database

The Davidson Gifted Database has numerous resources available about and for gifted students such as articles, state policy pages, and other information resources.

  • The Educators Guild

The Davidson Educators Guild is an online community for counsellors, school administrators, teachers, and so on.

Important Tips About Davidson Fellowship Scholarship

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship began in the year 2001. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships available in the nation. Davison Fellowship Scholarship recognizes students below the age of 18 years who have concluded a significant, original work piece which has a potential of making a positive contribution to the society in areas such as;

  • Music
  • Philosophy literature
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Science
  • ‘Outside The Box’

Over $6.7 million has been awarded to over 286 students through the Davidson Fellows scholarship since its inception.

The Davidson Fellowship Scholarship look out for students with projects that are close to or at the college graduate level with knowledge depth in their particular study area.

Students at the novice level are not geared to by this scholarship. Davidson Fellows Scholarship features scholarship awards of $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000

Davison Fellows Scholarship Requirements, Eligibility

The criteria you need to meet up with in order to qualify for the Davidson Fellows Scholarship are;

  • You must be 18 years or below till the application deadline day
  • The Davidson fellowship Scholarship has no minimum age requirement for eligibility
  • You must be a US citizen residing in the US, or you must be a permanent resident, or someone that is stationed overseas due to active military duty.
  • Since the scholarships are awarded based on work significance, the significant work has to be one considered meaningful and quite contributive to the society by experts. the work may be all or any of the following;
  1. prodigious performance
  2. interdisciplinary discovery
  3. extraordinary accomplishment demonstration
  4. an important advancement which can be built upon or replicated
  5. exceptionally creative existing knowledge application
  6. new idea with broad range innovation, high innovative solutions
  7. it can be a team work, which may be not more than 2 people
  • Each of the 2 members of the team must meet up with the age bracket eligibility requirement
  • 2 nominators are required as for solo submissions.
  • Projects in arts such as film, photography, visual, sculpture and so on are not eligible for this scholarship
  • Davidson Fellows must attend the events for the reception of the award and other recognitions that is to be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in September. The Institute will provide lodging and travel expenses for this.
  • There is no discrimination of gender, religion, disability race or ethnicity in the Davidson Fellowship Scholarship.

How To Apply For Davidson Fellows Scholarship

If you meet all the set eligibility criteria of the Davidson Fellows Scholarship or have someone who does, then you can go ahead and apply. Applications are done online through the Davidson Institute official website portal https://www.davidsongifted.org


You can apply through the portal and follow the prompts instructions.

The initial portion of the application which consists of project title and description, nominators name and email address is the first to be submitted, and as quickly as possible too.

It will be reviewed between 1 to 2 business days and you will get an email notification alert that you can continue your application once the initial portion is approved.


This is the summary of the Davidson Fellows Scholarship Program. More about the scholarship program can be found on the Davidson Institute website. Questions can also be sent to them through their email address, in case there are further clarifications desired.

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