Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth 2023

The Cubana Chief Priest is a respected man with a lot of influence in the Cuban Group. He is known for his wisdom and his charitable work.

You may be wondering, just how much is the Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth in 2023? In this article, we’ll take you through this reputable man’s Net Worth and how he makes his money. Stay tuned!

Who Is Cubana Chief Priest?

Paschal Okechukwu, also known as the Cubana Chief Priest, is the general manager of the Cubana Conglomerate (Owerri). He is well known for both his work as a show promoter and as a humanitarian.

When you make as much money as he does, you develop connections in the music industry, and he has a significant influence on the Nigerian music scene.

He likes to drink, smoke, and drink fine wines. The Chief Priest of Cuba is one of the corporate executives of the well-known, opulent hospitality or leisure corporation, Cubana Groups.


The Cubana group consists of both hotels and nightclubs. There are four hotels in Abuja. The group has one hotel and a restaurant in Port Harcourt, and the Cubana club is located in the event center in Owerri.

They run a club business in Enugu, and they also run two in Lagos—one on the mainland and the other on the island.

How Cubana Chief Priest Made His Money

You might be wondering how Cubana Chief Priest made his money. After all, he’s not your average joe. He’s a millionaire, and he didn’t get there by accident.

Cubana Chief Priest started off as a small business owner making shoes for sale. From there, he grew his business into a multimillion-dollar empire. Today, Cubana is one of the most popular and richest men in Nigeria.

Cubana Chief Priest Business Career

Cubana Chief Priest started his business at a young age. He joined his father in Aba, Abia State, while still in school to learn the craft of shoemaking. He was able to earn his first million from this enterprise.


The nightlife businessman has wanted to be a well-known artist since he was a small child. However, nothing like that happened. He then entered the entertainment business and rose to fame as a performer and show promoter.

He rose to fame by inviting Davido and Chioma, a well-known musician, to perform at the Cubana Grand. He is a City People Music Entertainment Personality of the Year award recipient.

What Is Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth?

According to research by experts, Cubana Chief Priest is worth an estimated $17.08 million as of 2023. That’s quite a hefty sum, and it’s only going to continue to grow as Cubana Chief Priest’s business career progresses.

All in all, it’s clear that Cubana Chief Priest is doing very well for himself financially. And with continued success in the business, we can only expect his net worth to keep increasing!


As a matter of fact, Cubana Chief Priest is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria! As his career continues to evolve, there’s no doubt that his net worth will continue to climb. It’ll be interesting to see where he is in a few years—but one thing is for sure, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.


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