Cost of Moving To Sweden As An Individual And With Your Family

Have you been searching online for the cost of moving to Sweden as an individual and with your family? This article covers the total cost of moving to Sweden. Keep reading to find out.

The price of relocating to Sweden might differ significantly depending on your circumstances. The expense of moving alone will be far less than moving with your family.

The average cost of migrating to Sweden is broken down depending on several situations. Remember that these expenses may change based on your particular circumstances.

Cost of Individual Relocation to Sweden

The expense of migrating to Sweden might be overwhelming if you’re considering it.

There are other expenses to take into account, including the price of your travel, the price of your visa, and the price of living in Sweden.


You will also need to set aside money for other moving expenses, such as hiring a moving company and shipping your things.

You will also need to look for employment in Sweden and submit a residence permit application. It’s crucial to start planning well in advance because the procedure can be challenging and time-consuming.

Depending on your unique situation, the overall cost of migrating to Sweden might range from $10,000 to $30,000.

Cost of Relocating Your Family to Sweden

The expense will be higher if you are thinking of migrating to Sweden with your family.

You’ll need to account for the cost of travel for everyone as well as accommodation and living expenses in Sweden. You will also need to obtain a visa and a work permit, and you will need to find a job in order to support your family.


The process of moving to Sweden can be daunting, but when you plan it with care, it can be done.

The average cost of moving to Sweden with your family is around $15,000. This includes the cost of airfare, visa, and living expenses for the first 3 months. It also includes the cost of hiring a relocation company.

Living Expenses in Sweden as an Individual

If you are moving to Sweden as an individual, your living expenses will include:

– Rent: The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Sweden is approximately $1,000 USD per month.

– Utilities: Expect to pay around $100 USD per month for utilities (electricity, water, heat, and internet).


– Food: You can expect to pay around $300-$400 USD per month for food.

– Transportation: A monthly transportation pass costs approximately $100 USD.

These are just estimates, and your actual expenses may vary depending on your lifestyle and location.

Living Expenses in Sweden as a Family

If you’re thinking of moving to Sweden as a family, you need to be aware of the cost of living here.

In general, living expenses are quite high in Sweden. For example, the cost of groceries can be quite expensive, and you’ll need to budget for things like housing, transportation, and healthcare.


If you’re planning to move to Sweden with your family, be prepared for a high cost of living. Make sure you have a realistic budget in place so you don’t run into any surprises once you arrive.

Tips For Simplifying Your International Move

With the help of the following advice, your relocation will be straightforward:

  • Make a thorough investigation before deciding on the best moving company. Find out more about companies that offer worldwide relocation services to Sweden, fulfill your needs, and fall within your price range.
  • Find out what rules are in place for shipping to the country of your choice. Information is provided by organizations that are pertinent, like the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • Your items should be packaged to facilitate easy storage and delivery. Any fragile thing should be packaged and labeled correctly.
  • When processing is required, make sure your paperwork is prepared and present them.
  • Communicate with the moving firm and provide them with all the moving-related information they require. Anytime you require information or guidance, ask them.

Things You Should Do Before Relocating to Sweden

  1. Secure a residency permit

Usually, this is the first thing to be done. The Swedish Migration Agency handles issues relating to citizenship, immigration, and visas (Migrationsverket).

It’s possible that you already received the necessary residence permit before arriving to Sweden due to work, family, or academic commitments. Find the nearest branch or headquarters of the Migration Agency even if you only need to renew your permits.

  1. Join The Tax Agency

After registering, you’ll be given a special personal identity number. Your personal number serves as your identity.

  1. Find a place to live

If you intend to live in a large city such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmö, you should begin looking for a home as soon as possible.

You can rent “firsthand” or “second-hand” items in Sweden. Signing a contract with the building’s owner is referred to as firsthand (första hand), whereas signing a contract with someone who already owns the apartment or has the firsthand contract is referred to as second-hand (andra hand).

Getting a firsthand contract in the big cities usually entails years of waiting in line.

There are numerous specialized websites that offer used contract accommodations. The majority of the advertisements are in Swedish, but some are in English as well.

  1. Get a card of identity

The next logical step after acquiring your personal identity number is to request an identity card from the Swedish Tax Agency (identitetskort or ID-kort).


A Swedish ID card is the main form of identification in Sweden. It is used, among other things, to open bank accounts, use credit cards, pick up packages at the post office, and visit the doctor.

  1. Open a bank account

This one is quite simple: Complete steps two and four first. To create a Swedish bank account, you frequently need a Swedish identity card, or at the very least a Swedish personal identity number and a valid passport.

You can get the necessary credit/debit cards and banking services with the help of your bank. Since most bills and paychecks are online, having a bank account is quite useful.

In addition, make sure you obtain a BankID from your preferred Swedish bank and download the BankID program on your smartphone. The BankID is literally necessary for survival in Sweden since it underpins so much online identification.


If you are thinking of moving to Sweden, the cost of doing so will depend on a number of factors, including your visa status, the size of your family, and your chosen location in Sweden.


However, on average, you can expect to pay around SEK 26,000 per year for living expenses as an individual in Sweden, or SEK 38,000 per year for living expenses as a family.

If you are interested in moving to Sweden as an individual and with your family, be sure to do your research and contact the Swedish Migration Agency for more information on the specific costs and requirements associated with your move.

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