Colorado College Acceptance Rate, Tuition And Ranking In 2023

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Want to learn about Colorado College acceptance rate, tuition or ranking? You’ve come to the right place. This article features everything you need to know to study for college.

Colorado College Review

Colorado College is a private liberal arts college established in 1874 (148 years ago), it is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was founded by Reverend Thomas Nelson Haskell in the memory of his daughter.

The college enrols approximately 2,000 undergraduate students on its 36 hectares (90 acres) of campus. The college offers 42 major courses and 33 minor courses. Notable alumni include Liz Cheney, Thomas Hornsby Ferril, James Heckman, Steve Sabol, Ken Salazar, and Marc Webb, Dutch Clark, etc.

The college offers more than 80 overall programs including Southwest studies, feminist and gender studies, Asian studies, environmental science, neuroscience, biochemistry, Latin American studies, Russian and Eurasian studies, and American cultural studies, as well as a writing program across the curriculum.

In addition to its undergraduate programs, the college offers a Master’s program in Teaching (MAT). In 2012, Colorado College produced a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1.


Colorado College adopts a schedule known as the “block plan” in which students study one subject/course thoroughly for three-and-a-half-week “blocks”, followed by a 4.5-day break.

The magnitude stems from the time dedicated (classes meet for a minimum of three hours Monday through Friday) as well as the demand for engaging speedily with complex content. Advocates say this allows more time in the lab, field research, and an intensive first-hand learning experience with fewer distractions.

A 4.5 days break is given to students between blocks. Most students head off campus, often to be part of some type of outdoor exploration.

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All student begins the Colorado College journey with a “First-Year Experience” (FYE) course, This is a consecutive block spanning 8 weeks and functions as a freshman seminar course.


Students can also take blocks while on winter or summer break. In January, the college offers “half blocks,” a thorough 10-day course fulfilling a half credit. Meanwhile, summer blocks are usually 3-weeks long, and there are also graduate blocks of different lengths.

In parallel with the students, one block is been taught at a time by professors. The maximum number of students in a class is 25, this is to encourage a more personalized academic experience.

The 2,000 students of Colorado College have more than one hundred clubs and student groups on the campus, ranging from professional groups, interest clubs, and social groups. Furthermore, there are also intramural sports groups, which have a strong reputation on campus.

Most students live on or very close to the college campus. During the first two years of study, it is compulsory for students to live on campus in one of the student dorms, while apartments and student-owned housing become available as they go higher.

Colorado College Acceptance Rate

Colorado College is said to be very selective with an acceptance rate of 14%. (i.e for every 100 applicants, 14 are admitted).


For the class of 2025 (enrolled in fall 2021), Colorado College had a record of 10,969 applicants, out of this figure, 14.3% were admitted. It is important to note that, 50% of the Class of 2025 did not submit testing.

Admitted Students Acceptance Rate

Overall 14.3%
Early Decision I 30 5%
Early Action 18.6%
Early Decision II 30.5%
Regular Action 3.9%


For the eighth year in a row, more than a quarter of the arriving class self-identify as students of colour (28%) and 7% are international students.

In the last decade, the population of students of colour and international students has gone up by more than 60% while 10% of the arriving class are the first in their families to attend college.

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Admission Requirements

To have a better chance of getting in, you should aim for the 75th percentile, with 1470 for Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or a 33 for American College Test (ACT).


You should also have a minimum GPA of 3.89. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to support it with a higher SAT/ACT score.

Colorado College Tuition

Many families are able to afford Colorado College by employing a combination of grants, modest loans, student work opportunities, and family resources. However, we’ve taken our time to write out the cost of attendance estimate to help prepare you financially.


Fixed Direct Charge Amount Description
Tuition $61,596
Student Activity Fee $474 This covers all activities funding through CCSGA
Housing $8,052 This estimate is based on a double room in a residence hall (note that, the cost of attendance does not increase for more expensive housing options)
Meal Plan $5,616
Estimated Expenses This is based on averages for a period of 9 months
Books And Supplies Allowance $1,240
Miscellaneous Allowance $1,354 Personal Expenses
Transportation $1,230 2-3 trips home yearly
Total Estimated Cost $79,562  
Health Insurance $2,817 Additionally, it is compulsory for all students to have health insurance while attending Colorado College and to provide annual proof of coverage. The college offers a complete Student Health Insurance Plan. If a student selects coverage under a different plan, their health insurance must meet a minimum requirement, which is available on the Student Health Insurance Plan official website.
Estimated cost if it is mandatory for you to sign up for the Student Health Insurance Plan due to inadequate coverage $82,379  

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The college’s actual cost of educating a student for a year at Colorado College is higher than their tuition.

However, income from their organizations in the form of gifts and grants reduces the amount, even for students who are not beneficiaries of financial aid. Students who are qualified for financial aid, scholarship and grants further subside the costs to students and their families.


Colorado College Rankings

Below is the Academic rankings of Colorado College:

Liberal arts colleges

#25 in U.S. News & World Report

#86 in Washington Monthly


#92 in Forbes

#111 in THE/WSJ


Final Words On Colorado College Acceptance Rate, Tuition And Ranking

Colorado College offers high-quality education in a closely acquainted classroom settings. The college also provides great opportunities for international studies and field study experiences.

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