Clearline Loans Review And Customer Service Number

Are you in need of extra cash for emergency spending need but lack good credit score? Then Clearline Loans might just be your best option. This page features their review and customer service number.

About Clearline Loans

Clearline loans, based in Nevada, is an online lending platform that offers short term, small loans for unexpected emergency expenses, without credit check with credit bureaus. These emergency expenses are mainly for car repair, medical bills, and so on.

If you are someone with poor or bad credit, you may still be able to get a loan from Clearline. You may also have as much as 750 days to repay the loan obtained from Clearline.

Clearline Loans has the license to operate in 13 states which are, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi Delaware, New Mexico, Missouri and Illinois. More than a thousand people access loans everyday on Clearline website.

How to obtain loan from Clearline

To obtain a Clearline loan, the first qualification is that you have to be in one of the states where the company is licensed to operate. Your location also determines the amount you can borrow. Then you submit an application which will be reviewed by a loan expert. You will be notified via your email if your application is successful and the loan disbursed to you. Amount that can be accessed ranges from $100 to $5,000. Clearline loans fund you the next business day after your application has been approved.


Clearline loans repayment

Though Clearline offers longer loan repayment time than a typical Payday loan, it is better paid off as quickly as possible. This will help save you some money.

If you choose to pay the loan off before the repayment schedule time, there are no charges prepayment penalty charges incurred. Clearline loans on its own website also tipped that its loan offers are not really meant to be long term financial solutions.

Clearline loan repayments can be made via mail checks, debit cards, or Automated Clearing House (ACH).

You also may be able to cancel your loan without charges in case you change your mind in the middle of the process. However the grace period for cancellation is dependent on your location.

Clearline Loans Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers about Clearline loans customer service are quite excellent. The comments are highly positive, both from new and returning customers.


A customer testifies that the company is so understanding that they helped him to move his repayment to the next month without a penalty.

Some commented that Clearline process is highly professional easy and fast, and the company will move things around to just suit your needs.

Most of the customers said they would gladly recommend Clearline to others without giving it a second thought. The platform gives full disclosure of all payments and give ample time before first repayment is made.

Clearline Loans Customer Service Number

Want to reach Clearline on phone and enjoy one of the best no teletrack loan service ever? Call 1-888-542-1015. You are in for a great customer service experience.

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