Can You Deposit Checks On Cash App? How To Do It

This article answers the question, can you deposit checks on Cash App? Read on to see the answer and how to do it.

Can checks be deposited on cash app? Or maybe the first question to ask before going into the Check depositing matter is if you have ever heard of Cash App? Well, the two question will be perfectly answered for you in this piece. Be ready for a greatly educating and informative experience.

Cash App was developed by Square Incorporated. It is a peer to peer money transfer app that brings a lot of speed, convenience, ease, and benefits to your financial transaction operations.

The app allows users to make money transfer to each other using the app on their mobile phone. Its devices are currently available in the US and the UK. It describes itself as the easiest way to bank, send, spend and invest.

When Cash App was launched OK the 15th of October 2013, it was actually then called Squire Cash, before later metamorphosing to Cash App. The app processed about $70 million transactions in the first nine months of the year 2021 alone, and posted a gross profit around $1.8 billion.


Cash for businesses was introduced by Squire Cash in March 2015. With a $Cashtag, this service allows organisations, individual, business owners, to generate a unique Cash app identity known as $Cashtag, with which they can send and receive money.

Cash App Products and Services

So what are the devices offered by Cash App?  Is it limited to just sending and receiving money? No, it’s gone farther than that.

  • Peer to Peer Money Transfer Services

This is the primary device offered by Cash App. Cash App users can make transfers using their email, phone number or their unique Cash App Identity, the $Cahstag.

Messages explaining the reason for transactions can be added to the information to be sent to the counterparty when transferring money on Cash App.

A verified account on Cash App can send as much as $7,500 a week and has no receiving limit. However, an unverified Cash App account can send only $250 a week and $1000 a month at the maximum.


Therefore, if you are looking at rolling large transactions on the app, it will be a good thing to get your account verified.

  • Banking Services and Products

The main service offered by Cash app is money transfer service. Users can receive, send, and save money on the app.

Also, users can transfer money to any local bank account of their choice from Cash App. Apart from these, Cash App also provide Debit card services to its users. This card allows CashApp users to make withdrawals from any ATM and spend money on the app at any retail point of their choice in the areas covered by Cash App operations.

Users can choose their favorite design color when signing up for the card on Cash App. The card is received by the usual via mail once the user is done with the customized design.

Direct Deposits and (Automated Clearing House) are also supported by Cash App.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

Cash App added Crypto trading services to its platform in 2018. It allows the buying and selling of bitcoin, and also allow sending and receiving of bitcoin by its users with their $Cashtag.

It also allows users to deposit bitcoin from other sources into the app and withdrawal of bitcoin from the app to other external wallets.

Currently, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency supported by Cash App. Trying to trade other cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin on the app may result in loss of funds. Minors are not allowed to trade bitcoin on cash app.

Block chain confirmation is not required for bitcoin trading on Cash app therefore, the process is instant.

  • Cash App Investing

If you are a newbie in the stock trading business and would like an easy and simple investing experience, Cash App trading platform will be a good choice for you.


The investing service was launched on Cash app in 2019 4th quarter, and has been a very good alternative. 

Like many other brokerages, Cash App offers no commission stock trades and good Cash management features.

It also allows users to buy fractional shares of stock. A separate app is not required for stock trading on Cash App investing.

Can You Deposit Checks On Cash App?

Now we are at about to answer the main question for which this piece is written. Can checks be deposited on Cash App?

The answer for this question has not been the same from all users. While some will say yes others will say it’s a no. There is a reason for this, and we are going to clear the confusion here. The users are not lying or being dishonest, their replies are based on their individual experiences on the usage of the App.


So, can checks be deposited on Cash App? The answer is a yes. But whether you as a user can do it is relative. This is because the check deposit service for Cash App which was rolled out a few months ago is only available for some users of the app, not all the users as yet.

So you see why I mentioned earlier that the answer for individual users is relative.

Checks can be deposited on Cash App, but the service is not available to all Cash App users as yet. It is only working for some users of the App for now.

Steps On How To Deposit Check On Cash App

Mobile depositing of Check on Cash App is not much a complicated process.

  • Go to the top left corner of the App and tap on balance, then select the option to deposit a check. Note that of you cannot find this option on your Cash App, it automatically means that the Check deposit service is not available for you.
  • After you have selected the Check deposit option, enter the amount of the check you want to deposit in USD.
  • At the end you will be prompted to take a photo of the front and back of the check you are depositing. Make sure to write ‘for deposit only’ beneath your signature, and also be sure the check is endorsed. Cash app doesn’t charge any amount for check deposit service.

Final Words

These are the steps to deposit Checks on Cash App for users for which the service is available. Hope your question was satisfactorily answered. Don’t forget to share!


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