Best Websites To Find Digital Marketing Courses

In this modern age of technology, it is very easy to acquire different skills comfortably from your place of residence. You can enrol in different training online or watch YouTube videos to learn new stuff.

Most people prefer learning through websites to watching YouTube videos because these sites are equipped with step-by-step methodology from the beginner’s state to expertise. Some of these sites even issue certificates after completion of the course.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the top 8 websites where you can acquire both free and non-free digital marketing skills. Before diving into that, we’ll take a quick look at the benefits of becoming a digital marketer.

Why Should I Enroll For A Digital Marketing Course?

Here are some reasons why you should enrol for a digital marketing course:

  • Increasing Demand For Digital Marketers

Most businesses understand the importance of digitization, online advertisements are now taking over the traditional TV and FM adverts, and people spend more time online than they do watching television and listening to radios.


Top global brands, including Facebook and Google, are currently searching for new generation digital marketers who can promote them in the area of forthcoming innovations.

  • Easy To Start a Career

It is easy to start a career as a digital marketer, any individual with a Bachelor’s degree can get a certificate in digital marketing and start selling himself/herself out there.

Even in terms of working style and equipment, it is easy to apply for freelancing projects and internships.

The only thing you need to study and practice digital marketing is a laptop, a good internet connection and good communication skills.

  • Digital Marketing Gives You Skills In Other Fields

When you study digital marketing from a reputable organization, you are sure to acquire certain behavioural skills.


As a digital marketer, there are some qualities you should have, such as; being a proactive self-starter, be quick to adapt to changes in the market, having good communication skills, and excellence in promoting the business you are representing. All these qualities make you a better entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing enhances your leadership skills, you are expected to have a good working relationship with your clients and use creative methods to convince them to buy your products.

  • Digital Marketing Jobs Are Popular and Diverse

Digital marketing is somewhat broad and as such, taking a course to study digital marketing gives you access to the following;

Email Marketing: sending information and contents via email to a group of people (target audience) to make your brand more visible.

Social Media Marketing: marketing your products and services via social media platforms


Offline Marketing: any type of marketing that is not done through the internet, starting from printing and running ads on billboards to TV and radio commercials.

Influencer Marketing: using well-known experts or celebrities in the industry to help recommend and promote your brand.

  • Job Security

Digital marketing jobs are recession and pandemic-proof, this is because you can work remotely from your home as a digital marketer. During the covid 19 pandemic, most businesses used digital marketers to move their operations online to find new audiences.

  • Good Salary Package

Here are some salary structures for digital marketers according to Glassdoor and PayScale

Digital Marketing Managers earn $74,000 per annum


Social Media Managers earn $44,000 per annum

SEO Managers earn $80,000 per annum

Content Marketing Managers earn $67,000 per annum

Product Marketing Managers earn $114,000 per annum

Brand Marketing Manager earn $87,000 per annum


These salaries are expected to increase due to the rising demands for digital marketers. However, it is important to note that these salary structures are not for novices but experts with years of experience in the marketing field.

Here Are The Best Websites To Find Digital Marketing Courses

  1. Digital Garrage By Google Inc.

Google Inc. offers free digital training to interested candidates via Digital Garage, they specialize on different areas, just choose an area of speciality and sign up for the course. Once you complete your course, a certificate will be issued to you.

The materials of each course include both text and video materials, you can complete the courses within the period of 3 to 40 hours.

  1. Reliablesoft Academy

Reliablesoft has been offering digital training to prospective digital marketers since 2020. They offer diverse courses on digital marketing. However, you have to pay for registration before you can access their courses.

Once you’ve completed each course, a recognized certificate is issued to you.

  1. Semrush Academy

Semrush Academy offers interested candidates free digital marketing training, and their courses are available in English and Spanish languages. They offer different marketing courses, just take a pick and start studying.

Once you’re done with each course, a certificate of completion is issued to you.

  1. Hubspot Marketing Courses

Hubspot offers free digital training to interested candidates, their courses are prepared by digital marketing experts as they are a leading company in digital marketing as well.

You get a recognized certification once you complete each course, they offer diverse courses in digital marketing, choose a course and get certified today.

  1. Udemy Digital Marketing Courses

Udemy is a popular online learning academy. They offer paid courses on digital marketing, their courses cover diverse topics and you get certified once you complete each course.


The price of Udemy’s digital marketing course is $99 but you tend to get a discount if you’re patient enough.

  1. Coursera Digital Marketing Courses

Coursera is a popular online learning academy offering paid digital marketing courses. You get to learn at your own pace and you see your progress while learning.

You also have the opportunity to learn some digital marketing courses offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera. Upon completion, you are issued a certificate which is globally recognized.

  1. Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Courses

Google offers paid digital marketing training through Grow with Google and third-party providers. The courses are prepared by digital marketing experts from Google Inc. and they can be accessed by subsidized Coursera subscription plus at $39 monthly.

In total, Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce offers 7 online courses which can be completed within 24 hours. A certificate is issued upon completion.

  1. Udacity Digital Marketing Courses

Udacity continues to produce professional digital marketers daily. They offer diverse paid marketing training to interested candidates. Once you complete each course, a recognized certificate is issued to you.

  1. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Courses

Simplilearn offers different paid digital marketing training which covers several digital marketing disciplines and tools.

Final Words

The reputation of the above-mentioned websites precedes them, they all issue recognized certificates upon completion of each course. Adding such certificates to your CV will boost your chances of securing a job even outside the digital marketing world.

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