Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Energy 2023

Are you searching the internet to know the best paying jobs in Energy? Here is a current list of the highest paying jobs in the Energy industry across the globe.

It is a well-known fact that ‘fat’ salaries can be a great source of motivations for employees. Especially on Mondays when you feel like not getting up to work, you’d always drag yourself out of the bed to prepare for the day.

In the way, working at a job where you are not well paid can be draining and exhausting. You’d struggle to have your bills paid, let alone living the life of your dreams.

The Energy industry however, is known to have some of the best paying jobs in the world. It is possible to come across company staffs who take home several thousands of dollars in terms of annual salary.

Average Salary Of Renewable Energy Jobs In The World

The world is fast adopting renewable energy as a means to curb climate change.


Whenever you hear the word “renewable energy”, just know that it refers to energy which are gotten from sources that can be easily renewed. For instance hydropower, solar energy and wind power.

Due to the nature of this field and how important their products are, people working in this sector are well compensated for their efforts.

In USA, the average salary of a Renewable Energy job is $58,550.

In Canada, it is estimated that the average salary is $72,500.

In Africa (Nigeria precisely), it is N105,000.


In Australia, renewable energy jobs pay as high as $110,650 on average.

Lastly in UK, the average salary is £51,953 yearly.

So like Sports and Aviation, the Energy industry is a very profitable industry to work. Take a look at some of the best paying jobs in it below.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Energy And Their Salaries

The following are some of the jobs in Energy that pays well all over the world. Attached to them is how much you could get paid for them annually.

1. Technicians

Electronics and Electrical, Nuclear, Software and other types of engineering technicians  are among the top of the list of the biggest paying jobs in the Energy industry.


These people see to the day to day running of companies in the industry.

The average salary for Energy Technicians is around $53,000. The most beautiful thing about the job though is that there’s always room for improvement. You can get your salary increased up to $80,000 or more if you acquire more training.

2. Sales

Sales Engineers are the life wires of energy companies. They ensure that the money keeps coming in.

Sales Engineers are professionally trained to market the company’s products and ensure they make good returns. They also study the clients and make suggestions on the kinds of products to reach them.

Their average salary is approximately $103,900.


3. Civil Engineering

With a B.SC in Civil Engineering, you can get paid an average of $87,060 in the Energy industry.

Duties of a Civil Engineer in an energy firm revolves around planning, designing and having oversight of projects.

It is one of the most lucrative jobs to do.

4. Petroleum Engineering

A large part of our daily lives depend on oil and gas. Even with electric cars gaining popularity in recent time, petrol driven cars are still a norm in our world today.

This makes Petroleum Engineering a highly profitable career to go into.


According to research, the average salary of a Petroleum Engineer across the world is $101,165.

5. Solar PV Installation

As the world turns to Green Economy, several homes are now embracing the use of Solar inverters and panels for power supply.

A Solar PV Installer is therefore one of the best paying jobs to have in the energy industry right now.

On the average, most Solar PV Installers earn about $55,670.

6.  Project Management

Project managers earn quite a lot of money in whatever field they work. In the energy sector, this is more.


The most beautiful thing about Project Management is that there will always be jobs around for you to do.

According to our findings, Project Managers in the energy industry earns an average of $76,938 in the United States of America and many other parts of the world.

7. Software Development

Software developers are well paid in the energy and power sector, as their demand continues to soar.

Their average salary around the globe is around $73,000. In well established firms, Software Development jobs come with mouth-watering bonuses to keep one happy in his job.

8. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts is no doubts one of the best paying jobs in energy industry. Their duties mainly revolve around taking charge of a company’s financial department.


These experts are one of the key components of every successful firm you see in the world today. They ensure that a company plans her finances and doesn’t spend more than it’s needed at anytime.

Their average pay is about $70,208. Some earn far more than that as they climb the ladder of success in their company.

9. Machine Operators

Machine operation are often left for those who are well built physically. It’s not a lazy man’s job. It requires much of your strength and attention.

An operator who knows his job well can get paid as high as $40,811 in the energy and power industry.

The best part of it is that their jobs does not require as much certifications as those in the finance or software development departments.


10. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is also among the highest paying jobs in Energy. Whether in the United States, Canada, UK or Africa, the job pays very well.

You can earn between $92,100 to $118,000 on average working as an Environmental Engineer in the Energy industry.

Final Words On The Best Paying Jobs In Energy

Have you been considering working in the Energy sector, this guide features a list of the best paying jobs in Energy to choose from.

Of course there are also other jobs in the industry which are ranked among the highest paid, but you will find the ones here easy to come by.

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