Best Mobile Phone Insurance Companies In UK: Top 10

Are you searching online for the best mobile phone insurance companies in the UK? You’re at the right place. This article features a list of the top 10 phone insurance companies in United Kingdom. Read on!

What Is Phone Insurance?

Mobile phone insurance is a safety measure for unexpected damages to your smartphone. Whether the phone is damaged or stolen. The phone insurance company will repair or replace your phone.

Research shows that 24% of people living in the UK has broken their phone screen at least once, which is why phone insurance is important because we always make use of our smartphone. Such insurance companies save us the stress and money to repair or replace a phone.

Mobile standard phone insurance coverage covers you:

  • If you lost your phone (your cover could replace it with a similar model)
  • If your phone is accidentally damaged (your cover will repair or replace your phone)
  • If your phone is stolen (your cover replaces your stolen phone)

Your mobile phone insurance coverage does not cover you:

  • If your phone is stolen due to your negligence
  • If you damage your phone intentionally
  • If the fault in your phone is from the company (manufacturer’s defects)
  • If you use an old phone (more than six months)
  • If you misplace your sim card(s)

The Cost Of Mobile Phone Insurance

The cost of mobile phone insurance depends on the type of phone you’re insuring and the type of phone insurance you need. For example; the cost of the latest iPhone is around £1,000 but that doesn’t mean the insurance will be that expensive.

Although, the insurance will be expensive but not up to the amount you use in buying the phone because the parts of the latest iPhone is quite expensive.

It is important to make sure you find the right insurance coverage you need rather than for settling for something less and might not get what you need at the end.

Here’s A List Of The Top Best 10 Phone Insurance Companies In UK

1) EE Gadget Insurance: EE Gadget insurance offers damage insurance coverage and full insurance coverage. Their damage insurance protection starts from £2.40 per month and full insurance protection starts from £4.80 per month.

2) O2 Gadget Insurance: O2 Gadget insurance offers protection against theft, loss and damage, their insurance coverage starts from £3 per month.


3) Virgin Gadget Insurance: Vigil insurance offers a worldwide phone insurance, their coverage protects against damage, loss and theft. Their insurance starts from £7.99 per month.

4) Vodafone Gadget Insurance: Vodafone also offers a worldwide insurance coverage against theft, loss and damage. Their insurance coverage starts from £6.50 to £8.50.

5) Protect Your Bubble Gadget Insurance: Protect your bubble insurance offer claims for £50 for damage or breakdown claims, and £75 for loss or theft. Their insurance policies starts from £14.99 per month.

6) Gadget Cover Insurance: Gadget cover extend their policy to cover damage while a member of your immediate family is using your device. Their coverage price start from around £3.99 per month.

7) Endsleigh Insurance: Endsleigh offers insurance coverage if your phone is lost, stolen, or unrepairable you can get a replacement within one working day. Their insurance cover starts from £6.57 a month.


8) Simplesurance: Simplesurance keeps things as simple possible. Instead of a monthly fee, you’ll pay a onetime fixed price to protect your phone over a period of years (one, two or three years)

9) So Sure Insurance: With So Sure insurance, you can get earn up to 80% of your premium back, every year, when you don’t claim. Their Mobile phone insurance starts from only £2.20 monthly.

10) Love It Cover It: Love it cover it gives you a 10% discount when you insure more than one device. They provide unlimited repairs and replacements on all their mobile insurance policies.

Final Words On Mobile Phone Insurance Companies in UK

Mobile phone insurance helps you to keep your phone protected at whatever life throws its way. Your mobile phone insurance can cover a wide range of happenings such as theft, loss, damage etc.

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