12 Best CPA Marketing Networks For Beginners With Instant Approval In 2023

Hello, in this guide, I will be showing you the top best CPA marketing networks for starters (beginners) with instant approval. By CPA marketing here, I mean cost per action marketing.

CPA marketing has over the years been proven one of the best legitimate and simple ways to make money as an affiliate online. And the reason why I really like cpa marketing is you don’t actually have to get anyone to actually purchase a product or a service traditionally.

With cpa marketing, you’re actually just getting people to take certain actions and for those actions you can actually get paid big bucks.

For example, cpa marketing could be just you getting somebody to fill out their email address and opt into an email form. You can make anywhere between 25 cents up to 5 dollars for that depending on the offer.

You can also get paid by getting people to actually fill out applications and you can make anywhere between $15 and even $50 depending on the company and the application and how many steps that people have to take.


Also getting people to take these little small trial offers for $10 or $20 which they’ll get  billed a certain amount after the trial period, can fetch you real money as a cpa affiliate.

You can get hundreds of dollars just by getting people to take a ten dollar trial. This is something that anybody can actually do. As an affiliate, it can pay you really big dividends. And again you don’t actually have to sell a product.

The Main Challenge With CPA Marketing

The biggest pitfall with doing cpa marketing especially for newbies is getting approved for these actual networks. A lot of people have this passion and are seriously trying to do cpa marketing but find it difficult getting approved.

A lot of these websites want you to have a big social media presence, a following on Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Instagram or have like a blog that gets a lot of traffic.

So it’s very difficult for newbies and people just starting out to get approved for these networks. But in this article today, I’m actually going to be giving you 12 different affiliate networks which are proven to be very easy and profit yielding for starters.


I mean cpa networks that have either no approval or have just like a small minimum requirement to get approved.

For most of these websites I’m going to be showing you guys today, all you have to do is create an account, find your offer and actually start promoting.

Top 12 CPA Networks Every Beginner Should Know

The following are my 12 tested and trusted CPA affiliate marketing networks with 100 percent instant approval rate:

1. CPAlead

The top number one cpa network I often tell beginners and newbies to start with is cpalead.com.

CPAlead is one of the world’s best cpa networks for beginners. They have unlimited monetization methods for beginners to setup their cpa marketing business online.


They’ve actually been recognized as one of the 40th fastest growing companies in the world. And the great thing about CPAlead network is all you have to do is actually just create an account.

After creating your account you’re actually going to be able to just log in and start promoting as many offers as you want.

That’s one of the biggest benefits about joining CPAlead. They have instant approval and you can actually start getting the offers and promoting them. And they have a ton of different offers on this network.

For instance you can promote banner ads, pop under ads, content blockers, ppc offers, cpa offers, cpi offers and cpl offers. So make sure you go check it out.

They also have a $50 minimum payout and they pay out with paypal, payoneer and bitcoin.


You can also get paid via as checks as well. Just that on your first check they do require like a net 30 days and then after that, if you’re continuing to make money they can pay you out weekly. So make sure you check out CPAlead.

2. MyLead Affiliate Network

The number two best cpa network with instant approval for beginners is MyLead Affiliate Network. This is another easy to understand affiliate platform to actually earn money online.

They actually have  a similar process where it’s super easy to sign up or create an account and log in.

They have over 1600 affiliate programs that newbies and professional marketers can actually choose from.

This MyLead Affiliate Network also comes with different training.  So it gives you free training to help you learn how to actually take the offers to where the people are and then you can go out and start doing just that.


They have the traditional cpa, cpl, cps, ppi, sms, sms chat and smart link offers. You can use all these different types of offers to start promoting in various different ways and make money.

MyLead Affiliate Network have a couple of different levels of payout. They do have a minimum of twenty dollars and the payment method that they take is paypal, skrill, bank wire transfer, web money and bitcoin.

3. Vendor

The third cpa network is called Vendor.

Vendor is probably one of the top rising best cpa networks for beginner affiliates. They have some great high paying offers in the gaming niche, crypto and of course dating niche.

The best part of it is that they typically
approve affiliates within 24 hours. So it’s definitely very fast.


You’ll be able to create your account and within 24 hours you can start  promoting these different offers.

They do have a $50 minimum payout as well and their pay methods are paypal, webmoney, web transfer and bitcoin wallet. They pay every single week.

They also have an affiliate program where you can earn five percent by referring people to their network. So definitely go and check out vendor to see how they work.

4. FireAds

The number four cpa network is called FireAds.

This is another great cpa network for beginner affiliates and for newbies as well. They have a fast approval process.


All you have to do is create an account and after that you’re able to log right in and start promoting your offers.

They have a great tracking system. There’s a dashboard that actually tracks your total campaigns. The clicks, your leads, your sales and your earnings. Everything is actually in real time.

What I really like about FireAds is that they actually provide 24/7 live support for all their advertisers and of course publishers.

So if you need help with anything in terms of the offers or in terms of just learning about how to promote their offers, you have support that is 24/7.

They have a minimum payout of $20 and they pay with bank transfer, e-payments, paypal and webmoney.


Though they actually have an option to get instant payments, most of the payments are net 15 days, so a bi-weekly payout. But definitely check out FireAds as this is a great cpa network to get involved with.

5. Adscend Media

The number 5 cpa offer is called Adscend Media.

This is another great network for beginners. It’s been around since 2009 so they’ve been around a very long time.

They do have great tracking so you never have to worry about losing your clicks or your leads and there’s absolutely no requirements to join this network.

Literally all you have to do is fill out your information and create your account and you’ll be able to log in and start promoting offers. They have a variety of offers that you can check out.


They have a minimum payment of $50 and a payment frequency of net 30. So you’re going to get paid every 30 days and they pay out with payoneer, paypal and wire transfer.

6. Adwork Media

Adwork Media is actually based in the us but it’s a worldwide cpa affiliate network providing tons of monetization strategies for website owners and publishers.

Really all you have to do is if you have traffic that you can send to this network via their offers you don’t have to wait for approvals at all. Just sign up and get started right away and start making money.

They have a lot of offers, over 3 000 different campaigns that you can promote. They do have a minimum payout of $35.

Their payment methods are paypal, payoneer, wire transfer and western union.


7. Mobidea

Mobidea is a top mobile affiliate network for cpa, cpi and cpl marketers. They have over 2000 plus offers that you can actually promote and make money.

They have offers such as subscription offers, sweepstakes, pin submits and app installs.

They have a ton of app installs that you can just get people to install and make great money there.

There are no much restrictions or requirements that I could actually find to join this network as an affiliate. So make sure you check it out.

They have a minimum payout of 100 and once you hit $100 in your balance you get


The frequency is essentially once you hit 100 dollars you can request for the money. That means you can request it at any time, as long as you have a balance of $100.

They pay with paypal, payoneer, bank transfer and payza.

8. CPAGrip

CPAgrip is another popular cpa affiliate network that is highly recommended for beginners and newbies that are just starting out. They have absolutely no requirements. You get instant approval the moment you create an account with this network.

They have over 15 000 different campaigns that you can get involved with to actually promote offers.

CPAgrip have a minimum payout of a hundred dollars. You get paid every single month, every 30 days.


They actually pay out with payoneer, paypal and wire transfer and you can also get a check so make sure you check them out. They are a great network for beginners in terms of cpa marketing.

9. CPATrend

The number nine cpa network is called CPATrend.

CPATrend now cpa trend has been around for a very long time, since 2010.

In 2018, they were listed as one of the top affiliate networks for cpa marketers.

Again this is going to be great for beginners and newbies that are just starting out to go in create an account and start promoting those offers and making money. There’s absolutely no approval.


They have a $50 minimum payout and they pay out bi-weekly. That’s their frequency.

So every two weeks you can get a check and you just have to have fifty dollars minimum.

They pay out with paypal, payoneer and wire transfer.

10. MGCash Media

MGCash is among the current fastest rising cpa affiliate networks for beginners.

They’ve had great reviews and high paying one-time offers.


There’s never been delays with their payouts so that’s another thing that a lot of the affiliates are saying about this platform.

They have great commissions high paying offers and there’s no restrictions. So you can just sign up and start promoting and making money with this network.

Now the one bad caveat about MGCash is they do have a higher threshold in terms of the payout

You have to have a minimum of $250 in order to get paid out but they do have weekly payouts and they pay via wire and bank transfer.

11. AdsMain

The number 11th on our list of the most profitable cpa marketing networks to promote is called ads main.


Adsmain is a US-based network for cpa marketers. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York and they’re great for newbie affiliates that are just starting out.

There’s no restrictions to actually join this network. You can actually just create an account, sign up and start making money.

They have a minimum payout of $50 dollars and they pay out net 30. So every 30 days at least you’ll be getting paid.

Their payment methods are paypal, check, direct deposit and wire transfer. So make sure you check out adsmain.

12. Affiliate Paying

The last but not the least here is called Affiliate Paying.


Affiliate Paying is another beginner-friendly cpa network that anybody can sign up for. There’s no restrictions.

They have a ton of different offers in this network so you can go over to their site and see them.

They do have a minimum threshold of 250 dollars but they pay bi-weekly and the payment methods are paypal, web money and wire transfer.

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Final Words On The Best CPA Marketing Networks For Beginners With Instant Approval

Have you been searching online for the best cost per action or cpa marketing networks with very approval to join and make money online?


We have revealed the top 12 of them in this guide. Kindly read through again and again and choose the best ones you desire.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in comment section below.

I wish you the best of luck as you can start your journey to making money online with these high paying CPA marketing networks.

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