Be Bold Scholarship – Requirements And How To Apply In 2023

This guide features how to apply for Be Bold Scholarship and study your dream course for free.

Are you a student who desires a scholarship opportunity? Would you like to know about one that you can easily apply for without taking too much of your time or sapping much energy out of you? Then you may like to give Be Bold Scholarship a try.

Being in debt is a situation no individual will actually want to find him or herself. However, it does happen to all, one way or another.

One of the common ways people get indebted the most is through education financing. Study shows that an average student will graduate at the current time being over $30,000 in debt. That is not all, such student is far less likely to start a business(s), buy homes, start a family, or seek the highest impact career. believes this is a problem that is worth preferring a solution to. believes that the world is loaded with individuals who are just an opportunity away from making huge impact. The organization is touched by the facts that students around the nation take on huge debts to access and acquire the desired and needed education.


To solve this problem, enable students to fund their education by creating exclusive opportunities for funding. The organisation broadens access to education in a sustainable and affordable way. Bold achieve this by enabling any company and any individual to create targeted fellowships, scholarships, and grants.

By building alongside donors and students with speed, is effectively fighting student debt. It is a platform where Donors of fellowships, grants, and scholarships of various dimensions get to link with the targeted recipients. How It Works

Bold help students to create profiles on its platform to showcase to scholarship panels. It provides students with the highest likelihood of winning scholarships.

Applicants on Bold do not need to create entirely new applications every time to fulfil the unique requirement of each scholarship awarding application on the Bold platform.

This approach by Bold saves quite a lot of energy and time. Some of the opportunities on Bold do require 500 to 1000 word scholarship-specific essays sometimes, but that is not the only portion of the application.


It may be a lengthy process to create a profile on, as series of questions needs to be answered. These includes questions about employment experience, academic interests, financial resources, sports, hobbies, and so on.

Setting up a profile on may take time, but in the end, the outcome will surely show that it’s worth it. It gives you an impressive profile that showcases your full achievement to the scholarship panel.

The platform is not just for scholarship applicants, but also for donors. It is a trustworthy website that already dished out over $360,000 in scholarships. As a donor, you can go on to the website and create an award or make contribution to customized awards.

As the donor, you are the one with the authority to define your award. You are the one to decide the application process, eligibility criteria, scholarship topic, and so on.

The platform team will create a shortlist of the best applications that suits your requirements definition.  Hundreds of applications will be narrowed down by the platform to arrive at a final list. Total 100% of your tax deductible gifts will go directly to the award recipients once the winners have been selected.

Advertisements is completely free for both students and donors. The platform matches students with vetted optional helpful resources in order to get them to an amazing start in their education and career.

As students find the resources helpful, Bold earns revenue from partner companies. This is why 100% of the donor’s donation goes to the educational expenses of the selected applicants. is of the belief that the world will be shaped by the bold. It believes that the earnest overachievers, risk takers, the fighters, the ones who knows that a mountain is climbed one step at a time, the ones who won’t accept a ‘no’ for an answer, students who are determined to climb, are the ones that shape the world. It is for this type of students that is set up.

About The Be Bold Scholarship

One of the Scholarship awards available for applicants on the platform is the Be Bold Scholarship. It is awarded to 1 winner among the selected finalists every November. 7 applicants made the finalist list in 2020, with Maria Jose Lozano Palazio emerging the winner. In 2021, 6 applicants made the finalist cut, with the winner being Tyara M.

The Be Bold Scholarship is a scholarship award that is awarded to an applicant with the boldest profile. It is a no-essay scholarship award of $25,000 prize worth.


To, ‘bold’ does not mean ‘best’ or ‘most accomplished’. Bold to means, ‘Earnest’, ‘Determined’ and ‘Moving’. It is the applicant whose profile according to the aforementioned characteristics is the most bold that is awarded the Be Bold Scholarship prize.

Be Bold Scholarship is similar to other easy scholarships available on the platform. It is a scholarship which favors those students who apply earlier, the ones who seize the day without attempting to procrastinate.

The scholarship will be awarded in the month of November, 2023, however, it has monthly application deadlines. Students that stand a greater chance of winning the scholarship are those who applied within the earlier application windows.

The Be Bold Scholarship is open to students of any educational level, school and field of study. The applicants GPA would also surely be considered in the process of reviewing of applications to determine the winners.

How To Apply For Be Bold Scholarship

Having said so much about the ease of access to the bold scholarship and its requirements, one of the next expected possible question would be how to apply for the scholarship. That will be answered in this section of this article.


Application for Be Bold scholarship can be done via your mobile phone or computer, just like many other scholarships. It is done online on the platform

Just visit the platform and go through the application process to try your luck. Currently, the application deadline on the platform states April 1 2023.

Final Words On Be Bold Scholarship

Be Bold Scholarship is one of the scholarship opportunities available on for students from different fields of study. Simply visit the platform to get started as soon as possible.

I wish you all the luck there is in the world. Also check out other similar scholarship opportunities recommended for you below.

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