Apple Internship – Salary, Acceptance Rate, Interview Process and Application Requirements 2023

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An Internship is part of work experience organized for students by companies for a limited period of time. The internship is used in practice for a broad range of placements in businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The best way employees recruit new staff is from their best interns, this helps them save time and money in the long run. Internships are normally organized by third-party organizations, these organizations usually recruit interns on behalf of industry groups.

Different countries have different rules as to when an intern should be regarded as an employee. However, in the US, If an intern is placed on a trial period with the expectation that he/she will be hired permanently, that intern will be considered an employee under the Fair Labour Standard Acts.

Internships for professional careers are very similar to apprenticeships transition students from vocational school into the workforce. The lack of oversight and standardization leaves the word itself (internship) open to a wide range of interpretations.


Interns may be postgraduate adults, college and university students, or high-school students. Interns may be paid or unpaid depending on the organization. It is also important to note that, many big organisations, specifically investment banks, organize insight programs that serve as a pre-internship event either physically or online (virtually).

An Internship is generally an exchange of services for experience between the host organisation and the intern. These internships are organized to determine whether a student will still be interested in a particular field after a real-life experience.

Additionally, internships are used to build a large network of people that can recommend you for jobs in the future or even lead to employment opportunities.

Most companies prefer hiring someone who is already familiar with the system, so they retain some of their interns in order to save money for training and seminars.

Internships provide college and university students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the field which will further prepare them for full-time work after graduation.


Types of Internships

Internships exist in different ways and settings. An internship can be unpaid, paid or partially paid (stipend). Internships are usually flexible with students’ schedules, be they part-time or full-time. Internships normally last between the periods of two to four months. However, it can be longer depending on the host’s organisation.

Insight: These insights are normally organized by investment banks to serve as pre-internship events numbering a day to a week, either physically or virtually.

Students in the professional field often get paid for internships, these professional fields include architecture, medicine, accounting and finance, law, engineering, advertising, science and technology.

Work Experience Internships: These are organized to expand the student’s knowledge both in school studies and also in the field. The student (intern) is expected to bring knowledge and ideas from school into the field.

Work experience internships normally take place when a student is in his/her third year in the university or college.


Work Research or Dissertation Internships: This type of internship is carried out by final-year students, the interns research a particular company. The company might be lagging in a particular area then the student will recommend a way for them to improve.

The intern can also choose a particular topic in the company, and the result of the topic of research will be put in a report and then presented.

Unpaid internships are normally through non-profit organizations which often have volunteer positions. State law may impose requirements under the Minimum Wage Act on unpaid internship programs. A program must meet certain requirements to be classified as an unpaid internship.

Unpaid interns normally perform tasks that the company does not depend on.

While partially paid internship is when an intern does not get officially paid, but they are given a weekly or monthly stipend. Stipends are usually a fixed amount of money that is paid to interns on a regular basis.


Virtual Internships: These internships are done remotely using your smartphone. They are usually flexible because physical presence is not required. Although, it still provides the opportunity to gain work experience without the conventional requirement of being physically present.

The good part of virtual Internships is that interns have the opportunity to work at their own pace.

International Internships: These internships are done abroad, either remotely or physically.

Returnship: These are internships for experienced workers who have taken some time off due to one reason or the other and want to get back into the workforce.

Apple Internship

Apple takes their interns very seriously and considers them an important part of its team, irrespective of their mode of entry (summer internship or co-op). Interns have the opportunity to work on critical projects on the Apple campus.


Interns are part of the Apple community, hence, they have an insider’s perspective on the way the company operates. To be eligible for this internship, you must be registered in a university, college or graduate program.

Apple Available Internships In USA

The following job roles are available presently for internships:

  • Apple iPad Product Design Intern
  • Apple Services Partner Operations – Graduate Programme
  • Apple Inc. Professional Development Program (4 positions available)
  • iPhone Product Design Intern – Shenzhen
  • Product Design Intern – Softgoods
  • iPhone Product Design Intern – Shanghai
  • iPhone System Electrical Engineer Intern
  • Finance Development Program (FDP) Intern
  • Data Science Intern
  • Data Engineer: Intern
  • Finance Development Program (FDP) Intern
  • Audio Products In-region EPM Intern
  • Display Instrumentation System Engineer Intern
  • Hardware, Hardware Products, Hardware Engineering Internship
  • Quality Engineer – Product Operations Internship
  • Real Estate & Development (RE&D) – Real Estate Services Internship
  • IC Analog Design Intern (m/f/d)
  • Software Engineer Intern(Core OS)
  • And Lots more

Log on to for more details on available jobs and their requirements.

Apple Internship Salary

The estimated median average pay for Apple Interns is $65,511 annually. This number is based on Glassdoor’s Total Pay Estimate model and salaries collected from Apple Interns. The estimated base pay for Apple Interns is $51,879 annually. The estimated additional pay for Apple Interns is about $13,632 annually.

This additional pay may include stock, bonus, commission, profit sharing or tips.


Apple Internship Acceptance Rate

Apple’s Internship Acceptance Rate is not really public information. Although, it is expected to be as competitive as Google and Facebook internships. According to research, less than 14% of interns get accepted yearly.

Apple Internship Interview Process

After applying for Apple Internship, you’ll be signed up for an interview with Apple staff shortly. In the interview, you’ll be asked personal and tactical questions, the tactical questions are not usually difficult. And the personal questions are questions like:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Why Apple?
  • What are you interested in?

To have a higher chance of getting the internship you desire with Apple, you need to be confident and be a good teammate, friend and coworker. You need to not only be good in a specific area but every applicable area.

Apple Internship Application Requirements

The requirements are quite simple, you need to be enrolled in a university or college to be eligible. Graduate students can also partake in the internship. Log on to to see available jobs now.

Final Words

Apple is the biggest IT company in the world, doing an internship there will actually boost your profile and help you create a network of exceptional people who will up your chances of getting your dream job after you graduate.


Apple normally organizes seminars and training for its interns, which will help them to acquire more knowledge that will be useful in the classroom and beyond.

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