5 Things You Should Know About AIICO Insurance

In this guide, we’ll be talking about 5 things you should know about AIICO Insurance.

The American International Insurance Company (AIICO), is a Nigeria settled organization, which is occupied in supplying security policy services in life protection business concerns, non-life protection business, depositing management and financial services to companies and private respective (s).

AIICO specializes in pension and asset management, general-purpose and health insurance, annuity, and life sureness.

AIICO Insurance Owner

Mr. Kundan is the substantial Director on the Board of AIICO Insurance Plc since the year 2015 and is presently the President of the Committee of Directors of AIICO Insurance Plc.

AIICO Insurance Products

The American International Insurance Company products have been categorized into two major segments and those segments have various plans relative to the segment based on the terms and policies associated with them. These categories are;
• Individual Plans
• Corporate Plans


I) AIICO Individual plan: The individual plan is segmented into 8 major plan structure as seen below;

1. Annuity plan: This plan is also called Retirement Plan. At termination of your service years draws closer, you can relinquish some or all of your grant / pension into an annuity that will give you warranted financial gain for the rest of your life and getting paid regularly like a salary. Annuity plan has two sub-class;
• Deferred Annuity
• Immediate Annuity

2. Auto Insurance Plan: Auto insurance, which is common and most used of all the known insurance plans, is configured to assist the insured for loss of or damage of physical properties. They are into two categories.
• Comprehensive
• Third-Party

3. Endowment Plan: It gives warranted payouts at lawful time interval in three installment.
• Flexible Endowment Plan
• Children Education Plan
4. Investment Plan: You can work it into financial preparation for short and long-term business contents and targets. It constitute investing, savings and insurance policy covering and it’s into 3 sub-class.
• Corporate saving plan
• New income Investment
• Education Legacy Assurance plan

5. Credit Life plan: Credit Life Insurance with AIICO is a life insurance fashioned to pay off a borrower’s owed debts in the case of debt of the borrower.


6. Personal Accident Plan: You can protect yourself and your loved ones financially in the event that you experience a serious accident or inability.

7. Travel Insurance Plan: This Travel Insurance Plan is acknowledged and recognized at all Schengen and Non-Schengen embassies.

8. Pure Risk Plan: This plan consist of so many sub-plan which has an easy access. These plans are;
• Mortgage Protection assurance plan
• Money wise
• Term assurance plane-ta
• Life celebration plan
• Criticare
• Hospital Cash

II) AIICO Corporate Plan: The Corporate plan is being segmented into 5 major plan structure as seen below;

1. Marine Insurance: This Insurance policy protects goods prior to loading, on board a ship and also inter-modal carriage of those goods. They are into two sub-class
• Marine Insurance (Cargo)
• Service Hull and Machinery Insurance


2. Manufacturing Insurance: AIICO Insurance give protection for actual loss of net profit incurred due to machine breakdown in business. They are into two categories;
• Machinery loss profit
• Machinery breakdown Insurance

3. Oil and Gas: This Insurance covers inshore hazard of refineries, petrochemical plants, depots, tank farms and also offshore jeopardy including international and independent lease operators.

4. Agric Insurance: This Insurance Policy covers both Livestock and plants. The policies are as follows;
• Poultry Farm Insurance
• Livestock Farm Insurance Policy
• Farm Property and Produce Insurance
• Fish Farm Insurance
• Plantation fire Insurance
• Multi-Perils Crop Insurance Policy
• Weather Index Insurance
• Area Yield Index-based Insurance Policy

5. General Business Plan: This covers virtually every insurance of corporate affairs. These policies are;
• Group Life insurance
• Group Education Plan
• Fire & Special Peril
• Consequential Loss
• Contractor-All-Risk
• Electronic Equipment Policy
• Employer’s Liability
• Erection-All-Risk
• Fidelity Guarantee

AIICO Insurance Salary

The company Salary is as follows;
• Life insurance Underwriter receives NGN243,000 monthly
• Financial Advisor receives NGN106,000 monthly
• Administrative Assistant receives NGN111,000 with N24,000 as additional pay
• Driver receives NGN50,000 monthly


How To Check AIICO Insurance Balance

To check and confirm your AIICO Insurance balance, all you need to do is to Login to your AIICO dashboard as an existing customer and your balance will be displaced there.

AIICO Customer Care Contact

AIICO Insurance customer care is accessible by phone on Business working days, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm via these numbers 01-279-2930 or (0700 2442 6682 28) or send a mail to aiicontact@aiicoplc.com


This Insurance company (AIICO) over time has built a rapid reputation due to its vast Insurance plans that assist virtually all aspects of life.

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